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This game is an attempt to make a really good DBZ game that stays true to the series, and to actually make a successful RPG out of it, since there aren't many out there! Mostly you just see action based DBZ games, but this game features an actual DBZ RPG experience. Essentially this means that if you like Dragonball Z OR (NOT AND) RPG's, then you should give this a try. This is not just another fan game, it has a lot of work put into it. This project is an attempt to combine the best of DBZ and a traditional styled RPG into one game!

Key Features

01. While this is an RM2k3 game, it features animated battlers for both enemies, and player controlled characters.

02. Custom animated Battle Victory screen.

03. Several Long Minigames (7 in total).

04. A detailed, but not overly involved storyline.

05. 10 Side Quests.

06. 100+ secrets available throughout the game!

07. Custom Menus/Systems for many different parts of the game.

08. Nintendo DS style graphics (The majority of which are custom made!).

09. Audio files include voices, and music actually from DBZ!

10. A New Game + Feature; which allows you to keep your items, gold, levels, and gives you the ability to skip every cut-scene in the game.

11. Day, Night, & Date System.

12. The game is near completion!

Warning: Requires some patience to play, as the game doesn't allow you to fully roam the whole world right away. Furthermore this game can be quite challenging, so make your decisions wisely or don't bother at all.

Disclaimer: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and all related characters, images and logos are registered trademarks of Toei Animation and FUNimation in the United States and other countries. This game is made by fans, and is not meant to infringe on any copyright. The game is also strictly non-profit and is intended only to spread the popularity of the aforementioned series.

Latest Blog

Game Information (Very Important-- READ!)

I decided to post this part separately because I wrote a lot in the other update. So, I didn't want to clutter everything and was worried that not everyone would be patient enough to make it to the bottom. So instead, I'm going to post this separately so it's more available for everyone (and more appropriately titled). This is purely convenience, since I want all the followers to see this-- even if they aren't exactly interested in how the development is coming along.

In about a month or so I'll be asking for beta testers, so stay tuned! Testers will get credits in the game, and will get a sneak peak at a lot of the details surrounding the game (length, plan, etc). Additionally, you'll have access to the Debug Room that I use in the game which allows complete access to everything you could think of.

Lastly: speaking of the Debug Room...I will most likely release the secret to accessing the Debug Room for the "demo" that is out right now, if there is enough support for it. Yes, that means there is an access point in the demo version of the game RIGHT NOW; it's a secret though and no one has (to my knowledge) found a way to access it. Of course, I won't be doing this until the game is near completion, but it will allow you to basically access any features you might have missed! So, if you guys would like to see this-- show your support by asking for it here, as this is a limited time offer!

Also thank you all for your patience and support. I would like us all to try to make this an awesome DBZ game!


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I honestly cannot tell if you are joking or not.
Looks pretty ambitious. Hope you can pull it off!
Looks pretty neat. How much of the story does this cover?
i can't download it... i tried ande it say "page not found"
This project is an attempt to combine the best of DBZ and Final Fantasy into one game!

how did final fantasy come into the picture
well my window say Warning!!! this application is Packed, don't distribute this Application. What does this mean?
I don't see what this has to do with Final Fantasy, but it looks pretty good. I tried the demo, it's actually not bad.
well first nvm the last post, second my save desappeared, 3 the game froze when master roshi talked to me about the release abilities, plz is there i way i can keep my saves?
@ Healy
No this isn't a joke... however, I'm not really sure what you mean by that comment.

Thanks for the well wishing, but the game is already done (well, the first part of it).

This covers a relatively short amount at this point, it starts off a little before DBZ actually, during the last saga of DB, the 23rd tournament. Then it continues all the way to the point where Raditz shows up.

Alright, I updated the information a bit to clarify this a bit more. I found that this part didn't really make sense, due to the fact that this is a shortened version of the full information. As such this part isn't really explained thoroughly. It was meant to reference another part of the writing (which I did not post on here), that basically compared this game to a traditional RPG such as the Final Fantasy series.

@Booseter Seat
Thanks for the support, I sure hope it's not bad, I put a great deal of work/time/effort into this.

I really can't help you with the problems that you're having, there shouldn't be any reason whatsoever that you should be having a "freeze" after the Master Roshi dialogue. I checked this part out personally, as soon as I read your post and found no freezing. To be safe I also tried it on a friends computer, and again found that the game went through this part without any problems.

As for keeping the save file situation, well you have to make sure that you did actually save the game. I also couldn't find any reason that you would be encountering this problem. Also the game doesn't deal with 'deleting' any save files, so they should not go 'missing' at any point unless you did something to them.
There is a rare bug in RPG Maker 2000 & 2003 games that's been known to cause save files to corrupt or disappear.
The only warning is that the music will suddenly cut out completely while playing, and if you try to save your game once that happens, your save file either vanishes or becomes unusable.

I've had it happen to me occasionally with other games.

The way to avoid it is to shut down the game completely after you've been playing for awhile, and to be extra safe, make multiple saves frequently, so if one is damaged or goes missing, you'll have the others as backups.

Nobody knows what causes this bug to (rarely) happen, and nobody knows how to fix it either.
Thanks for the info, I had no idea about that. I've never actually had it happen to me, I'll have to look into it, because I'm kind of curious as to what might be causing it. I figured it had nothing to do with my game, glad to know a little bit about it at least.
Downloading now. I look forward to it. :D
This game looks great. I love the screenshots. But I know nothing about DBZ.
This game looks so COOL!

I'm the biggest DBZ fan too haha. =D
Everything I know about RPGMaker games in the past is telling me this game will be terrible and I'll hate it and I'll hate you for making it. But DAMN IT I WANT TO PLAY IT.

Sub'd. I'll play it when I (eventually) get home.
This game looks great. I love the screenshots. But I know nothing about DBZ.

:D, Glad to hear it. The DBZ part is really just secondary to all of the things I want to accomplish. It just allows me to focus more on other parts of the game.
This game looks so COOL!

I'm the biggest DBZ fan too haha. =D

Well then, I hope you like it!

Everything I know about RPGMaker games in the past is telling me this game will be terrible and I'll hate it and I'll hate you for making it. But DAMN IT I WANT TO PLAY IT.

Sub'd. I'll play it when I (eventually) get home.

Lol, I see. Well I thought it came out pretty well. So, I hope you don't hate it, you can hate me though-- that part's alright. Definitely check it out though, you might like it.
i played the game but got stopped at the begining of the preliminaries where numbers are drawn then everthing stays idle ( already know that this has been reported to you ) , when is this going to be fixed ? Also is goku, piccolo, and gohan the only playable characters or are there more ? Anyways, so far what i played of DBZ Raging Pride was really good , i'll subscribe to your game and vote for it . EDIT - You already answered my questions via youtube , thanks
after raditz shows up and takes gohan with him then i go back to the nimbus sign it freezes and wont let me go any were

I managed to fix this small bug, I hope it wasn't a big inconvenience for you. Thanks again, I appreciate the effort!

Turns out I deleted something from the games code that shouldn't have. It was concerning the party system and how it collects data on who's currently in the party. Sorry to everyone about this glitch.

Good thing I save multiple versions of the game on my computer, the problem was resolved in a matter of minutes thanks to copy and paste.
Played it, and it's a cute demo, but lose the encryption so you can better RM the community. Other than that, mapping could be a tad better as well as graphics. I'd send you my 500 Meg's of DBZ resources, but then you'd encrypt it and keep them all for yourself, and I can't abide by that.

Overall, I give it a 3/5 nothing exceptional, but decent none the less.
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