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Set in a fictional universe in the Universal Century year 0079, the Principality of Zeon has declared independence from the Earth Federation, and subsequently launched a war of independence. The conflict has directly affected every continent on earth, also nearly every space colony and lunar settlement. Zeon, though smaller, has the tactical upper hand through their use of a new type of humanoid weapons called mobile suits. After half of all humanity perish in the conflict, the war settled into a bitter stalemate lasting over 8 months.
The story begins with a newly deployed Federation warship, the White Base, arriving at the secret research base located at the Side 7 colony to pick up the Federation's newest weapon. However, they are closely followed by Zeon forces. A Zeon reconnaissance team member disobeys mission orders and attacks the colony, killing most of the Federation crew and civilian in the process. Out of desperation, citizen boy Amuro Ray accidentally finds the Federation's new arsenal—the RX-78 Gundam, and neutralized the situation. Scrambling everything they can, the White Base sets out with her newly formed crew of civilian recruits and refugees in her journey to survive, and unknowingly, change the course of the war.

-Complete retelling of the anime series, even including dialogue directly pulled from the show!
-All 43 episodes told in in episodic format
-31 missions to complete with
-I've tweaked the story a little for faster paced storytelling
-First person perspective space battles! Check out the screenshots!
-Space Simulator included for players wanting to earn extra money and experience while replaying past missions!
-Play as Amuro and the crew of White Base, fight battles with the RX-78 (Gundam), Guntank, and Guncannon as you take on the Zeon forces!
-Plenty of sidequests available to help upgrade the Gundam's armor and weaponry. Targetting system too slow? You can fix that as well with the right parts!

Battle System
The Space Target RPG Battle System allows players to target enemies in a free falling panoramic environment and shoot them down. While some enemies will go down easily, others will get in close enough for a traditional RPG Battle encounter, allowing the player to score extra exp and money!
Team up with Kai and Hyato for a stronger party!

Experience one of the greatest SCI-Fi epics of all time all over again with this complete retelling of the original Mobile Suit Gundam!

First demo review is up!

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It's been over a year since I last blogged about a redux of sorts. Unfortunately, nothing has been done since then, and I just have far too many original projects on the go to worry about this anymore.

The game is officially canceled.

Sorry to those who were told it would be completed eventually. I just have far too many things on the go, and my visual novels have kind of taken priority over my RM projects over the last few months. I really didn't want to have a canceled game on my record, but there it is. I've joined the club.
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  • 02/16/2010 07:36 PM
  • 04/03/2013 01:06 AM
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is it too late for ironhide facepalm
y-you're kidding, right?
Haha believe me if I could go back in time...
I gotta say though, the battle system has made it pretty addictive.
Th-This is it. This is what I've been looking for...
Dude............. If there was a badass message today it was yours. You have no choice to complete it since you work on legend
aw damn it man, my game was about a robot too! (and i used the gundam's sprites :[ )
You the practice of self-promotion
Question: is looking for Amuro's mom as far as your demo goes?
Indeed it is! I finished a couple more episodes after that but ended the demo a bit short 'cause I hadn't tested it past there (after my computer crashed for the second time this month lol). Your feedback would be much appreciated, as this was really never a serious project and I need to know if it's worth pursuing in the future. Obviously the graphics need a total overhaul, but aside from that, I need to know how the non-fanboys perceive the idea of it, as unoriginal as it is.

Also, i commend you for tackling so many projects at once for the 'Release Something X' event! You are exactly what the RMN community needs and I wish I had your dedication!
You the practice of self-promotion
OK. Thanks for your prompt answer. I guess yours will be the first review I'll be posting as part of my little project. I had just finished another demo, but since I saw your game updated, I'll move you up my queue. Expect it sometime during the weekend, but not before I get some sleep!
Man that was just awesome. I really think there is lack of mecha rpg out there heh. Anyway I encountered bug when Amuro visited his village. After talking to granny you can t enter anything and when when you press space Amuro hits himself lol. Also I guess I could complain about that target shooting still this is rpg maker so it is not something that can be improved a lot. I really liked Zaku s designs. Also those really looking old avatars made it really oldchool. I think you can change simulator so we not chase enemy but fight one after another until we fight boss
Hahaha, he hits himself?
Oh well, you the reason you can't enter the town is because you've reached the end of the demo. I hit a bug there and so that's where I decided to end it for now.
Thanks for the feedback though, and I'm really glad you liked playing it!
You the practice of self-promotion
I was going to mention the bug that Zenla found as part of my review. But don't worry, I still have a lot of things to mention for it ... I'll work on it and hope to post it later on the day!
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