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Return to the land of Magia, as a new evil rises, and OHH, you guessed it! New dragons! Yeeeaaahh!!!


Hail the frosty marks of the Creator. His fragile, but adroit hands molding the fabric of our world into realistic and physical likeliness. And in his hours of heated creation, he came upon himself, to form a complex and durable organism, one that would bend all other living beings to its mighty will and strength. Thus, crafting an ecosystem of balanced destruction and rejuvenation. The revenues of life and survival flowed heavenly in his world. The temperament of the skies was blue, and the countenance of the plains was green.

The world of Magia, an often secluded continent of wonder and enchantment, had faced a malicious evil years before. A corrupted kingdom, straining all others to bow down, and bearing a hopeful sentiment of true malevolence. But a hero, unlike expected or required, rose to stop this great evil.

To the North, the barren, and frosty mountains of Algnor. Your Breaker is born here.
To the East, the rocky and devout hills of Leon. Your Primal Magi is born here.
To the West, the enchanting and delicate forests of Katatya. Your Warden of Nature is born here.
To the South, the sandy, desolate region of K'Tuan. Your Slayer is born here.
In the center, lays Beseeda, a wretched plain of black grass, ash stone, and fiery wrath. A civil war has erupted here, and an evil power rises...


Choose to play as four distinct classes/characters, each with their own story!
Play as the stout and unforgiving Breaker, who breaks his enemies into oblivion!
Or the viscous slayer, who slays even the most dangerous demons with ease!
And, the Primal Magi, the controller of the primal elements, creating a destructive force!
Play also as the Warden of Nature, skillful and pure, who strikes foes with organic fear!

Each character has their own story, their own reason, and their own purpose for slaying the dragons!

Ten new dragons for you to slay! (Maybe even more ;). Brand new dungeons to test your might and the most glorious boss fights in all this series!

Customize your character as boy or girl, and choose from thousands (this might be an exaggeration) of weapons, armor, shields, and accessories to create the ideal hunter.

An intense story lets you choose the options your character says, sometimes used for fun, and at other times can drastically affect the story and what content you have access to!


I doubt any of you are fans of the original Dragon Hunter, and I doubt this game will change that, but I ask you, please give it a try! It is a decent way to crunch four hours of your boring lives!
http://rpgmaker.net/games/198/ (original Dragon Hunter game)


Custom Graphics (Okay, maybe there is some RTP...)
Cool Scripts
And music from your favorite artists like Smashing Pumpkins, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Journey, and Rage Against the Machine! (That is, as long as their lawyers don't find out ;).

Return to Magia 6/22/10 (may be an exaggeration)

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The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Y-you made a sequel?

Eh, I'll check it out anyway.
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