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#1 Bachelor

  • Shinan
  • 02/25/2010 01:41 PM
This is review of the 1st chapter demo version of the game.

I saw this some time ago on Gaming World but never actually tried it out. Then a week or so ago I noticed it was here and just had to download (and at the time of writing I'm one of only five downloaders! Shame on you!).

I really like the graphics style of the game. The silhouettes and the apparent variety of the characters. The touch of having a lot of special animations for the characters was also something I really enjoyed. Those small touches make a game all the much better. The main character's walkcycle may have been a bit off though since it looked like he was skipping around while walking (though perhaps he was). Other than that I think the graphics are overall brilliant with lots of small touches.

I'll say lots of small touches once more, because it really adds a LOT.

The story of the game is simple but also brilliant. The main character Leif is a bachelor that (spoiler alert) finds a time machine and travels in time. The writing is funny in a fairly typical adventure game comedy sense. That is with fun references to all sort of things. (Personally I liked the quickie political debates that were as if they were taken out of Monty Python. "there's some lovely filth down there")

The puzzles were also nicely laid out. There weren't many moments where I didn't know what to do. The puzzles were multi-part, which is always a plus since that way you're not stuck in that "one thing" you need to do.

The controls were not perfect. The lack of mouse-click through dialogs were sort of annoying and if I hadn't tried the keyboard-skip I would never have finished the game. I would really suggest that there'd be the mouse-click-skip option. A nice thing was that you could cycle through the modes as well as click on the GUI.

As for sound there wasn't a whole lot. The sound effects were used to great effect though and overall it felt about right.

What other stuff is usually commented on in reviews? I don't know. Overall this is a brilliant game. Or if not brilliant then at least very good and fun. I am looking forward to the completed game when it'll happen. Now I don't know what score to give. A 4 would be nice but the controls do sort of bring it down, on the other hand there aren't really any other faults with the game.

I recommend this game.


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Thanks for the nice review. The mouse click dialog skip has already been dealt with and will be there in the full game. Also, I see what you mean regarding the walking animation.

I might look into that had see how I can make it more natural (maybe some arm swinging will do the trick).

I'm glad that you enjoyed my game and found it funny, that's the experience I'm aiming for after all.
100% agree with this review, even the rating!
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