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In the sequel to The Quest of Dude, you assume the role of nine-year-old Dude Jr., the son of Kyle McGuyver.
Thanks to some negligence on the part of certain somebodies, the world begins to fall into the clutches of evil! All of Kyle McGuyver's hard work in the previous game was being undone. The nefarious BOSS creatures begin to spread throughout the land... and there is only one person who can save the entire planet...
Kyle McGuyver.

Unfortunately, Kyle McGuyver is in a deep sleep after hitting it hard the night before. It's up to you, and a cast of zany characters to wake him up!

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  • Dudesoft
  • RPG Maker VX
  • RPG
  • 02/22/2010 03:57 PM
  • 10/10/2018 05:46 PM
  • 02/22/2010
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always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
The sweetest sound the world makes when you discover new potential.
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
You don't want to play this game, trust me.
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