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Who are we, where do we come from and where are we going? These questions have been following human kind since we first started to look upon the stars in amazement and wonder. God, coincidence, or something else?

One night a boy wakes up in his bed. The telephone is ringing. The unfamiliar voice tells him strange things and a sheep suddely appear in the living room. Strange things are definitly going on, especially since several sheep have suddely been disappearing and reappearing mysteriously on his uncle's farm. The boy believes that the strange events that took place that night were only a dream, but he will soon realize that they will change his life forever.

Digging further and further into the mystery of the sheep abductions, the boy and his three friends find themselves facing frightening answers to questions asked for centuries, and a destiny putting humanity in jeopardy.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://origin.knegg.com

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Story structure

What is better: That the player actually sees and fight the aliens, or that their presence remains a mystery?
  • Cancelled
  • Merte
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 02/23/2010 03:35 PM
  • 07/09/2015 10:16 PM
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can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Merte comes to RMN? AWESOME!

Origin is also awesome! =D
Hehe. Thanks for the support, guys. ;)
I played through the entirety of the demo a year ago, man! Can't wait for whenever it is eventually finished
I'm in the middle of the game, gonna have to take another stab at a tough boss.

This thing is brilliant so far.
Thank you. I am very interested in feedback on balancing (I know about spelling mistakes). What is too tough, too easy, confusing, etc.).
I played through this a year ago mind you, so if it's outdated by now bare with me but

I remember those red birds (there was two wasnt there?) being really tough
OK. Yes, the red birds may be a bit difficult. I could try to tweak that boss fight down a bit.
The red birds are fine, I beat them on my first attempt. They have alot of HP and are quit strong but if you use smart moves you can beat them with little difficulty.

its TOBY who needs to be nerfed. I've tried and lost against him about 4 times at least. The latest time absolutely everything went right for me, I had near full health and energy after the first (tough) battle you need to fight before facing him, my guys were all staying alive after the first two spotlight drops, his breakdances were missing (until the very end at least) and I had a real groove going with my attacking/healing/buffing/debuffing strategy and plenty of soda to spare to keep that energy up, but the guy just would not die! I'd seriously consider nerfing the dude's HP. I like his boss battle since it is tough and intense but its frusterating to do well for like 20 turns only to have him outlast you and your items. Its a shame he is so near impossible because its a game I'd really like to see the rest of. (all my guys were level 6 when I faced him, is that lower then you planned the player to be?) Lol, it'd be just my luck if he had like 1 HP left when he finally got me.
I had (and still might have) the same problem when it comes to bosses. Its hard to judge thier difficulty accurately when you get infinite items in playtest.
Hehe... Toby is supposed to be practically invincible. You are supposed to attack the spotlight above his head to make it fall down on him.
I just started playing this, then I noticed how slowly the hero was walking. Would it hurt to speed up his movement speed a bit?

I can't believe I never tried to change targets once!

In that case forget everything I said. My goodness that is brilliant. I feel so dumb now, touche sir!
mrstinkyfeet: I'm trying to work something out regarding walking, but I really want to do it without having to reduce the walking speed. I just hate the way the original walking speed looks. The hero just runs around everywhere. It looks stupid.

Yoshio: Hehe, I hope that made it easier. Still, the fact that you didn't realize this until I told you proves that I might have to give a hint on how to beat that boss.
mrstinkyfeet: Of course, I meant without having to increasing the walking speed. ^^
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