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Story structure

  • Merte
  • 03/04/2010 08:11 PM
What is better: That the player actually sees and fight the aliens, or that their presence remains a mystery?


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I believe I agree. It doesn't seem right with a big man vs alien armageddon battle in the end.
BTW: their presence remains a mystery :D
Thanks Chaos I'll do that.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Mr. SF, when you get the notices error, just hit the back button and refresh. Your comment will appear just fine.
I'm making shots in the dark because I don't know where you intend to go with the story.

Having the aliens show up at the end of the game could be interesting, but i'm guessing it will be more effective if you hold that off for as long as you can.

You possibly have the cultists available for that role, again just guessing.

Honestly, since you have a basic story in your head you are the best person to decide these things
I change my mind I want the aliens to go unknown but be a problem.
I change my mind I want the aliens to go unknown but be a problem.
I share your gut (that sounded weired), but on the other hand a game needs an antagonist when the agents no longer play that role.
there is no way that multi post is not on purpose.

My gut says to not see/fight them or to only do that when you are close to the end of the game

it all depends on what you want for your story
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