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Stan (playable character)
Being the protagonist of the story, Stan is the young boy who waked up and answers the strange phonecall in the middle of the night. Stan is a righteous and diplomatic force in the group of four that sets out on an adventure grander than any of them would imagine.
Favoured weapon type: Blunt

Boggs (playable character)
Stan's slightly overweight best friend with a sharp wit and an unbeatable love for muffins. With his spectacular ability to use body odour of different kinds to his benefit, any opponent will face a hard time in battle.
Favoured weapon type: Explosive

Edrine (playable character)
Being new to the neighbourhood in Bageldon, Edrine has a hard time fitting in with the other kids. Her passion for electronic widgets and odd interests, leaves her with a reputation as the neighbourhood freak girl. Stumbling upon Stan and Boggs one night, as she is observing strange balls of light appearing around the sheep fields of Stan's uncle, the encounter marks the beginning of a long and prosperous friendship.
Favoured weapon type: Ranged

Metal (playable character)
This hot-tempered young man just arrived in Bageldon to spend his summer vacation at his rich uncle's manor. He doesn't really care a whole lot about anything aside from his heavy metal records and his electric guitar. As he doesn't socialize easily with other kids, his uncle forces him to spend time with Stan and his friends and aid them in their quest. Even though his nature seems unpleasant, things dwelling beneath the tough surface may prove darker than any mystery.
Favoured weapon type: Sharp

Lord George Bagel
Famous archeologist, rooted in the noble Bagel family that has been living in the Bagelshire area for hundreds of years. Lord Bagel is Metal's uncle and has always been completely obsessed with old artefacts. As he digs for an ancient tablet at a site near Bageldon, he is overwhelmed by strange agents in suits who snatch the tablet from him. As this only makes the mystery of the ancient tablets even more interesting he dedicates himself completely to cracking the code and solving the mystery. As his path crosses with that of Stan and his friends, they join forces in order to unveil secrets that are perhaps better lefte in peace.

Viktor Alexandrov
Hunted by a strange brotherhood for secret information he is willing to die for. As he changed his identity after the Soviet Union collapsed, he retreated to the shadows to guard a secret from times past that proves to be a key in the web of mysteries.

Bridget Palmer
Lord Bagel's American relative, and member of a strange UFO cult woking in Kecksburg in the United States. As Stan and his friends seek her out, she mysteriously vanishes into thin air, and the four kids are attacked by strange agents that seem to follow their every move.

Toby Francolini (Big T)
Head of an organised crime network with their head quarter in the Afro House in Bageldon. As he is obsessed with artefacts from all over the world he once stole one of the old tablets that was in Lord Bagel's possession. In order to crack the code of the three tablets, Stan and his friends are forced to seek out Toby in his lair.

Grand Master Salvador
Head and Grand Master of the strange brotherhood of agents following Stan and his friends. As they too seem very interested in the mystery of the ancient tablets, their goal seems to justify any means necessary.