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If you were given 24 hours to make a game, what would you make?

Inspired by a terrible terrible game released on the NES called Action 52, this (unofficial) event is all about making a bunch of individual small games under a time restriction and combine them into one super catalog of games. Action 52 certainly feels like a bunch of games people made in 24 hours and slapped together, so why not see what we can do?

The goal: Spend ~24 hours on developing and testing a game! Any maker, any genre, anything you want as long as you make it quickly! This is about trying something new or different. Try making a short game, minigames, puzzles, a segment of a game, try a different engine (Check out RMN's engines page for a few ideas), try out scripts, or if you're Chaos, make an uber boss fight!
(It is also a near-perfect method of making a terrible game but that is besides the point! Right?)

-- The Rules --
- Must run on Windows. None of these wacky mythical Mac or Linux games mentioned in the darkest corners of the Internet
- You can only spend ~24 hours on a game. This is strictly code of honor but we will know if you spend too long on your game! (it will probably have more polish than the rest)
- Game must be submitted on Monday February 22nd. On Tuesday (the 23rd) I'll collect all the games, put 'em in the front loader, and make a gamepage. You must include your game title, description, platform, how to run your game (if you use something other than RPG Maker), and a screenshot or I'll do it for you and I don't appreciate having to do extra work for that kind of stuff! Time spent would be handy too out of curiosity's sake but it isn't essential.
- Try to keep your file size down. This is a 24-hour game development event and everybody doesn't need another copy of the Kingdom Hearts OST (or whatever new snazzy game you kids are playing). Huge games will be arbitrarily cut down.
- The 24 hours is implementation and testing, which means you can sit on the john or in the shower thinking of what you want or brainstorming ideas. However when you open *insert your favorite engine here, like RPG Maker* and start making maps and filling up the database then that counts towards the 24-hour limit.

--Quality Control--

--The Participants--
These are the names of the brave souls who entered the realm of Action 52 RMN and survived to submit a game!

Yellow Magic

--The Games--
Here are all the games submitted ordered by the time submitted:
Bouncing Windows Minigame by GameOverGamesProductions
Ziggy the Game by Catmitts
Shoot Those Damn 3D Birds by GameOverGamesProductions
Jiang Shi by Ratty524
Kavinsky - The World Needs a Badass by Yellow Magic
The Last Hero by Ark
Altima by GreatRedSpirit
Cloth Destruction by Erilex
Superimp by ChaosProductions
The Quest of Dude II: The Incredible Quest by Dudesoft
Bandit by Darken
Shinan's Superb AGS Game by Shinan
No Strategy Game by VideoWizard
ArrTeePee by AznChipmunk
Kill Hippy by BillWilliams
Exploration: The Wilderness - Episode One: Awakening The Beast by Shinan

Latest Blog

Action 52 RMN - Released!

If you want
, we've got

Sixteen games made by fourteen different people in twenty four work hours or less in one easy download! Check out the game page for more details on all the games included in Action 52!

Due to some issues with the Frontloader there isn't one. :(


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oh my god this game page looks fantastic
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
this is it this is the best game
oh god I missed some of the css backgrounds fix that tomorrow
This was a lot of fun. If we ever do another one we should make 24 hour games based on http://norefuge.net/vgng/vgng.html.
(shit, get rid of that last period)
Ahahahahaha holy shit cattmits' game made me laugh so fucking hard. I got hiccups because of it. hahaha fuck
My only regret about what I've added to this game's CSS is that I couldn't get border-image: to work with the default css.

Then I could have made every border on the page a flashing .gif!
wow, you sucks at alphabets. J before K, dude
I thought this was all VX? You should give info about the engines each game was made with. =-O
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games

justice for all

The view games by maker has links to the appropriate RMN page for each maker used. I didn't think maker was important enough beyond that one page.
(the preceding message is for Deacon Batista so he can find out which engines were used for all the different games)

(and...Gah! Why is there no edit button?)
This gamepage caused an epileptic attack for me! D-,X
Maybe we should tone down the blinks and flashing graphics to just blinking game title and flashing download button
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
No, this page is wonderfully offensive. Leave it as it is!
This gamepage is kicking my ass right now.
The old one was better. The new blue BG does not fit.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Nothing fits, dude. :D
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