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Platform: RPG Maker 2003
Genre: Traditional RPG
Release Date: TBD
Production Status: 34%

Chrono Trigger: Prelude to a Dream is a fan-sequel to Chrono Trigger, and the official sequel to Chrono Alter. The game will take place four years after the end of Alter.

Plot Intro
"Four years after the defeat of the Dream Devourer, Crono, Marle, and Lucca find that their lives have drastically changed. Lucca has adopted a baby girl she found in the woods, and is embracing Motherhood while she works on re-creating a 'Time Egg', the item that brought Crono back to life. Crono and Marle are preparing themselves for the throne.

In an unexpected turn of events, the people of Porre begin to accuse someone of attacking their peaceful town: Crono! The people begin to riot as Crono and the team tried to solve the mystery of who, or what, is behind the attacks..."

-The final adventure of the CT Team.
-Schala as a fully playable character.
-15-20 hours of gameplay.
-Branching story.
-Return of Time Travel.
-Mapping nearly identical to Chrono Trigger.
-Element System for Magic.

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Sorry guys! I'm gonna have to put this game on hold for the time being so I can help MrBekkler with Chrono Shift and get Chrono Alter: Final Mix finished! Sorry guys!
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I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.
Isn't this basically the same as that rom hack version?
Hope you guys can move forward with these projects. Haven't been able to check Chrono Shift out but will do.
Sorry guys, I don't believe this is being worked on at the moment :/ It's on hiatus and has been for some time!
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