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Ark and Ayana live in a medieval like village, a closed village without much contact with the rest of the world. Influenced and trained by their blind master, they plan to set out on a journey to prevent technological bases from causing a major climate change disaster on the world. Their master claims to have Foreseen such event.

They discover that the world is not anything like their village, and that they will have to go agaisnt the will of many to fuffil their masters wish.

The game is a traditional RPG that will take you into a inspiring journey that should be tense enough to keep you interested until the end.

Under production - Demo released!

Latest Blog

Has anyone played the fixed demo to completion?

If anyone has, please let me know your thoughts about it!
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This looks pretty cool so far, although I can't really tell that much as of right now. In any case, looking forward to seeing more about it. Good luck!
Ooooh, a greenpunk game! And I thought I was the only one who had that idea... :0
thanks for those looking foward to it.
And I don't know what greenpunk means.

I could guess its something like steampunk who care for the enviroment?
It's one of the lesser known punk genres, about being environmentally conscious. Sounds kind of lame but it's a neat idea to make a game out of.
this is not greenpunk though. It isn't really about caring about their enviroment, is about caring about their life, based on their masters prediction about the disaster.
I probably got the idea from "prevent a climate change disaster".
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
...Co-developed by Al Gore?
I almost spit out my tea!

"greenpunk". I like that.
Title reminds me of "Black September"...
Looking forward to the finished result!
Looking forward to the finished result!

thanks =)
Resident Nonexistence
Title reminds me of "Black September"...

Really? Reminded me more of "Red October"
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