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Eons ago, the world and all of its splendors were created by the magnificent and all-powerful being simply known as the "Creator." It wove the threads of life, and upon creating the planet of Tsufanubra, spotted it with its most cherished life-form: man.

Having gifted mankind with all of its blessing and necessities, the Creator simply watched as man forged his own path in life, and over the decades crafted himself in to a race of truly wondrous individuals numbering in the millions.

The Creator, however, grew tired of this creation, and thus gave life to three heavenly Kings to watch over and monitor the world in his stead. One of these Kings, Celes, wanted more than the Creator could ever possibly give her: she wanted its power--the divine power of creation. Upon being rejected of her request, the mighty guardian revolted against her creator and all of his creations, and was tossed from her perch atop the heavens in to a realm of purgatory; an island resting between the earth and heavens, but far enough away from either that they'd taunt her position for all of eternity.

Countless years have passed since that fated day, and now that island prison hanging in purgatory between Heaven and Earth will become the destination for four youths seeking revenge against a murderous man. Their journey, however, may lead them on an adventure that could reshape the very foundation of all that was, and all that could ever be...

Eternal Paradise is a dungeon crawler RPG complete with an epic fantasy story told In Media Res. Borrowing ideas heavily from earlier RPGS, it is void of puzzles of any kind and deals solely with exploration and enemy encounters. Due to this, the game bolsters a hefty challenge suitable only for those who would prefer a more difficult and thought-provoking experience than what may be found in most mainstream games of the same genre.

Latest Blog

Celebrating Over 1000 Downloads!

After all this time, Eternal Paradise has finally accumulated over 1000 downloads and entered the territory of being one of my most pupolar games (under DF 1 and 2)!

Big thanks to all those who contributed to this project, and also to the people who gave it a chance! Much appreciated, folks.

And of COURSE ScarymanMEOW is going to get a mention, as he's still the one person who's completed this game over 6 times! He's gotten sick of it now though, but who can blame him? I'm lucky if I'm able to finish ANY game twice, let alone 6 times. And an RPG Maker game at that! Hahaha. Awesome.



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Quick suggestion, you really should tone down the fog a lot.
Actually, the fog doesn't look as bad as it does in the small pictures, although I am disturbed by the fact that every picture has some variety of overlay...
Yeah, it is not as bad in-game as it looks in the screenshots. I find that for just about everything.

BUT, I'll agree that there is a lot of overlay! But don't worry, that won't carry on much in to the later parts of the game. There may be some, but it is just there to set the mood in the beginning--to get you the feel of some magical, mystical island place! Y'know what I mean? Nya ha.

I believe every screenshot has a fog because they're all from the same map, right?
Pretty much. it's on the outskirts of the island. But still, the insides of the caves aren't actually all that better!

I guess I'll see how things turn out soon enough.
This looks more like Fog: The Video Game...
Translation: The fog effect in the earlier screens looks tacky and not all that great.
The the message must have been lost in the initial translation.

Even then, I've gone and toned a lot of the stuff down since I first put the gamepage+sceenshots up! But I'm not updating the Demo for something as simple as that. =)

All-in-all, I'm fairly sure this is one of the most bug-free demos I`ve ever released. It may be sad, but it`s true!
Wait...didn't this used to be called something else?
Well... you could be referring to two things: Boss Project IV, or My paradise--a name given to this project before I went and renamed it to Eternal Paradise. Buuuuuut I`m going to go and think it`s the former! This, you see, was the original base for Boss Project IV. I stripped it down of everything except for whatever items and such I had in the database, and made BPIV out of it.

Now I`m actually going ahead and developing the game its self, as I just couldn`t help but love the feeling that I got from it whenever I played it.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Shine of the ancient Goddess of Darkness...?
Shrine, derp.

But I'm glad you brought that to me! I missed that little mistake altogether.

Holy barnacles! Three subscribers! Now I just want to know who they are. At least I got three out of the demo! Hua ha ha.
i,m one and i just did it so i,ll know wen its updated faster i don't think i have played demo let
I did too. I want to play it when it's complete.
Excellence! Well then, I hope you will love the finished product.

It's shaping up pretty nicely thus far, in my opinion. =O
I'm also a subscriber. When is the projected release date?
Not a clue! I'd suspect sometime around... April? Or maybe May? Probably one of those two. If it takes me any longer then it either means I've slacked off, or I'm just... PLAGUED with work.

I'll be making smaller updates to my Twitter if you're interested, though!


Also, I'm making fairly good progress. I just finished up a mighty LONG event, and I'd say that it's probably going to be the longest until you reach the end of the game. Even then, maybe it will still be longer! There's a lot of text, but it fleshes out 3 of the 4 party members fairly well.
Is this a Dragon Fantasy spinoff?
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