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Andrew Ferrence

A young man who grew up in the rural outskirts of the Tsufanubrian capital, Soriiati. Surviving mainly off of what the land gave to him, Andrew rarely made visits to the city. It was on one of his occasional trips there however, that he met the love of his life, Maria Wilde.

Two years after having met one and other, Andrew and Maria had a child together whom they named Evan, after Maria's deceased Grandfather. Sadly, in a tragic twist of horrifying events, Evan passed away. Both Andrew and Maria were left horrified, not because of the nature of their child's death, but because of the cause: a man named Ephiam, who tauntingly flaunted the grim truth that it was he who had killed their child without sound justification.

Enraged to the point of confusion, they both heeded to Ephiam's provocation, and set off on a journey to do exactly what he'd asked them to: find him, and exact revenge for his mindless act of violence.

Maria Wilde (Ferrence)
A city girl for the majority of her life, Maria resided within the grand capital of Soriiati for as long as she can remember. Living with her grandfather until her late teens, Maria fought tooth-and-nail to obtain everything she'd gained to support the both of them. At the age of 76 however, when Maria was just 19 years old, her Grandfather, Evan Wilde, passed away. Grief-stricken, Maria continued to endure life's ordeals day-by-day until meeting the love of her life, Andrew Ferrence, at a local tavern.

Two years later, Maria bore a child who she named Evan, after her late Grandfather. The child did not live to see his first birthday. Evan tragically died due to unknown cause, however mere days after his death a mysterious man named Ephiam appeared before Maria and Andrew, claiming to be the cause of their son's untimely demise.

Fueled by the flames of revenge, Maria and Andrew set off to find the murderer of their beloved son, swearing to exact vengeance regardless of the cost.

Laura Bishop

The neighborhood witch. Within the rural village of Borez, Laura was known as a practitioner of the dark arts, and was labeled as a “witch” because of it. Although much of Tsufanbura practiced magics of various kinds, Borez remained ignorant towards its everyday use, and shunned those who decided to study and wield the mysterious power.

Laura however was an exception. She was not shunned, nor was she looked down upon and viewed as a monster. Instead she acted as the village's guardian of sorts, protecting them from countless invaders and the relentless onslaught of outside forces. If the people of Borez had ever needed anything at all, they merely sought out Laura in their desperate plea for help of any kind. Part of their kindness stemmed from the fact that Laura had adopted two orphaned children who'd lost their parents to a house-fire, with the other being that she used her magic for the sake of others instead of herself.

Living a calm and relatively dutiful life in Borez with her two adoptive children, Laura had all that she could have ever asked for in life and more.

Then, one fateful day a horrific tragedy struck Borez and shook the small town to its core. A vehicle discovered a short distance from the rural settlement was found filled with brutalized and terribly disfigured remnants of thirty of the town's inhabitants, 25 of which were children. They'd set out earlier that day towards a lake roughly 3 hours away for a vacational “field trip” of sorts, and had not made it even 20 minutes in to their journey before experiencing such brutality. Among the children lost, both of Laura's sons were two of them.

Stricken with grief and disbelief, Laura experienced countless sleepless nights wherein she was haunted by the same vivid dream of a man calling himself “Ephiam.” He confessed to her about causing the tragedy that had stolen her children from her, and near begged that she seek him out and exact vengeance for his crimes. During one of these nights the man in her dreams spoke with Laura himself within her home, and confirmed what her dreams had been telling her.

Seeking retribution, Laura later set off to locate Ephiam and avenge the countless children lost in the mindless slaughter.

Alexander Alturne

A young and energetic character who'd lived a wild life within the urban city of Ziazu until his best friend and love interest, Kassandra Shimone, reportedly vanished without a trace. They'd searched high-and-low, far-and-wide, all without any trace of the young woman's whereabouts what-so-ever. She'd truly vanished in to thing air, leaving Alexander distraught and enraged.

Confused and utterly heartbroken for several days after his friend's disappearance, Alexander never relinquished the thought of Kassandra and fought to assure her safe return. One dreary afternoon as he combed the nearby forests searching for her, Alex was approached by a man drab in pitch-black robes claiming to have imprisoned his beloved friend, and that should Alexander wish to see her alive he should seek him out. He left one thing behind, and that was his name: Ephiam.

Since that day, Alexander has departed on a journey to locate Ephiam and return his friend to her home once more.