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Celebrating Over 1000 Downloads!

After all this time, Eternal Paradise has finally accumulated over 1000 downloads and entered the territory of being one of my most pupolar games (under DF 1 and 2)!

Big thanks to all those who contributed to this project, and also to the people who gave it a chance! Much appreciated, folks.

And of COURSE ScarymanMEOW is going to get a mention, as he's still the one person who's completed this game over 6 times! He's gotten sick of it now though, but who can blame him? I'm lucky if I'm able to finish ANY game twice, let alone 6 times. And an RPG Maker game at that! Hahaha. Awesome.



Character Art

A big thanks to my friend Ashikai over at Deviantart for drawing some seriously impressive character art for Eternal Paradise! I cannot thank her enough for doing this, and she's witnessed it first-hand. Ha ha. =P

The Three Heavenly Kings were created by the God of Tsufanubra in order to watch over it in his stead. Once it grew tired of its creation, the Creator passed the reigns to the Kings, who then were tasked with monitoring the world until their time "expired," or they were no longer useful (Ex: the Creator regained interest).

The King's names are: Ephiam, Celes, and Draciel.

Draciel is known as the God-King, and was the first of the three to be created. She is their superior, and ranked second only to the Creator its self.

Celes rebelled against her creator, wishing his divine power of creation for herself. In committing this crime she was condemned to an eternity of isolation within an alternate dimension, then sealed within the floating island of Venaitura.

Ephiam is Eternal Paradise's central antagonist, and is the mastermind behind the four heroes' arrival to Venaitura.


EP Live Stream and New Review

Hello everyone, I thought I'd drop by to make a quick Blog update regarding two things. First: the live stream done by Aurabolt on most weekends, and; Second: a new review posted on RPGRevolution's forums.

Aurabolt, a fellow RMNer, has been broadcasting a live stream of Eternal Paradise on the weekends, which started a few weeks ago. If you're interested, here are the links to both the stream and its discussion topic on this forum:

Discussion: http://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/8985/

Stream: http://www.justin.tv/aurabolt

I've been following this stream ever since it started, and I have to say that Aurabolt makes trivial tasks fairly entertaining with his questions, comments, and overall impressions of the game. I suggest dropping by some weekend at around 3-4 PM and having a watch ( and not just because it's by game being streamed ;P ).

A BIG thanks goes out to Aurabolt for this, because it's just so awesome seeing your own creation being played in such a way. Thank you, Aurabolt! The stream is VERY appreciated! =D

Not only that, but Eternal Paradise has received a new review over at RRR (Rpgrevolution) courtesy of the user "Penguin"! It could do with a bit of editing, but I'm still pleased that this game was able to garner another review. Thanks, Penguin!



A "Let's Try" by UPRC

Hey folks, I thought I should bring to your attention the "Let's Try" of Eternal Paradise being made by UPRC. It's a much more enjoyable viewing than the previous LT I'd received, so I definitely reccomend checking it out. Not only that, but it gives a good look at the sights, sounds and working of Eternal Paradise.

Here is PART ONE of the LT:


Font Available

It was brought to my attention by UPRC and another member that the font of Eternal Paradise does not display correctly for everyone who downloads it. Because of that, I've gone and uploaded the fonts I used for you to download. Just click the "Downloads" tab up there in the corner of the Game Page and you should see it.

It's been up for a while actually, but I'm going to assume that nobody noticed it was there. NOW YOU KNOW!

Should have done this earlier. Lol.


Full Game Release (AGAIN!)

As a reminder to all of you subscribers out there, as well as the Blog-readers (who I'm sure are numerous!): Eternal Paradise has now finally been completed. I can gladly say that I'm proud of this version of the game, and am so happy that I decided to go ahead and rework this project to forge it in to what it is today! It's definitely come a long way, that's for sure.

So... enjoy! Yes, the file-size is rather large, but no one is FORCING you to download it... I hope. Lol.



Small Update

There's not much else left to say now that Eternal Paradise is nearing completion. The testers are still testing, and while I wait for them to finish I'm fixing up some of the information I have posted here on the Game Page. The most recent "fix" is to the "Character" page, which was a tad skimpy in details compared to the revised version of each of the character's bios.

Eventually, when I've got the time, I'll be doing up an information page for the equipment as well, and I may FINALLY finish that god-forsaken Boss Faq. Ha ha. Other than that, progress has been at sort of a stand-still. I AM hoping to get this game out by either the end of this Month, or the beginning of the next however, to finally have it out of my hair.

Woo. So just keep an eye open for any future updates, because you never know...!


Testers Needed!

So now that Eternal Paradise has been re-worked, I'm in need of a few testers! Two should be enough, because I only need to gauge the difficulty and what-not of the game.

Basically, I need testers to:
-Gauge the difficulty level.
-Search for spelling mistakes and the like.
-Search for bugs and other errors in the game.

And that's it. I'm not going to be changing the maps, events, or anything else now that they're done. So please, if you plan on being one of my testers, restrict yourselves to the above.

ALSO, if you want to test this game, PLEASE stay with it and play it through until the end. So think HARD before you say you'll be a tester. =P

And the game file size if 165MB, if you're wondering (it may affect your choice).


A Shout-out! To the man who's completed this game more times than me.

Today I've decided to make a small Blog entry as a shout-out to ScarymanMeow. His accomplishment should be made public: He's finished Eternal Paradise roughly six times. Yes, that's right: SIX TIMES. I've rarely heard of anyone finishing a commercial game three times, let alone going that far and completing an RPG Maker title as many times as he has. So thank you, good sir, because I'm fairly sure you've played through this game more times than I have! Ha ha ha. That, and for being E.P's biggest fan (evidently). =P

And he'll probably make it 8, too. He's a tester for the new version of E.P, and once he's finished the main game he's likely to go back and complete it again on New Game+. So... WOO!

That's all for today!


Another Update!

So it's been... what? Roughly 4-to-5 weeks without an update? Yeah, that seems about right. So tonight (or this morning, if you want to get technical =P) before I head off in to dream world, I've decided to make a minor blog update in regards to the reworking of this project.

I have good news: It's done! The script has been rewritten, and all that's left to be done is to implement the dialogue and such in to the pre-existing events, and to shift my focus in to the testing of the finished product! This will mainly be handled by my two (so far) testers.

Again... I just can NOT believe HOW MUCH DIALOGUE HAS BEEN CUT! It's STAGGERING. What astonishes me the most is how much the characters repeated themselves, and how although there had been so much dialogue... not very much progress was made in terms of developing either the characters or the story. I'm very pleased with how this turned out, and I hope that others are able to see the massive improvement that's been made in regards to the story and overall presentation of the game. It's nothing too fancy mind you, but it's a lot better than it was for sure, and that's a fact!

Other than that, there's nothing else to say, really.

Thanks for reading, and I hope that you're anticipating the games re-release as much as I am. ;P
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