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+After completing the game, you have the choice to start a “New Game +!” What this is, is a part of the optional content of the game. You can start a new game with your current Levels, equipment, skills, etc. Here is a list of NG+ content:

(7 new chests containing the most powerful version of each weapon type appear scattered throughout the game. If you manage to find all of these chests and defeat the primary 3 optional bosses, the ultimate weapon becomes available.

New character abilities! During New Game+, Andrew, Alexander, and Laura obtain access to a new set of skills to accompany their old.

Even more treasure! A slew of new treasure chests become available, and each contains some very nice items!

Optional bosses! There are 18 Optional Bosses in total to dominate in NG+!

The “Nightmare Gate” becomes available! This is the hardest area in the entire game, and can only be accessed during a New Game ++ after acquiring all of the optional super weapons!

+Using the DEFEND option in battle recovers 100 HP, and 20 MP. Make good use of this, and don't waste your money on too many Ethers!

+A LOT of equipment has special/hidden properties/abilities, thus making them far more unique than they may first appear. Try experimenting a little, and switching things up every now-and-then!

+Certain weapons have the ability to deal extra damage to a specific class of monster. This class is indicated by having (Dino), (Demon), (Human), etc. In their descriptions.