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This special level pack was the result of the community project:

Tastes Like Spelunky RPG Maker Network Community Metroidvania!

Sadly, due to general lack of community interest, the title had to be shortened to just "Tastes Like Spelunky Metroidvania" and taken to the Spelunky forums for completion. It sports an awe-inspiring number of custom levels and takes over an hour to complete. Since it's hefty for one sitting, it also has a separate start point for each section of the set. The sections are:

1. Mines
2. Arboretum
3. Ascent
4. Surface
5. Sanctum

Each section contains 5 levels, and they are connected by a hub (with 5 levels of its own). 30 stages in all, plus hub areas, the final battle, credits, and a secret extra level brings the total room count to 43. The following is all the participants and the number of levels they contributed:

banna8: 1
Bazly: 1
Dudemaster: 1
eguee: 2
Erilex: 1
halibabica: 17
GameOverGamesProductions: 8
glennrieck: 1
hyperme: 3
ipwnu1337: 4
Kirby Lord: 1
marsgreekgod: 3