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Update 11/10/14

This minor update simply patches a few things:

- Tunnel ManTrap can no longer jump while swinging the Mattock. He needs the Pitcher's Mitt just like everyone else.
- A few bugs were fixed in the level editor, though compatibility with old stages just ain't happening.

And that's all! Super minor.


Update 9/23/13

New version available! Significant changes are as follows:

- changed functionality of Pitcher's Mitt (doubles attack strength)
- sticky bombs are once again standard with paste (on top of weapon function)
- paste + climbing gloves combo changed
- additional effect added to spring shoes + spike shoes combo
- Tunnel ManTrap can no longer see buried items
- Tunnel ManTrap can break terrain with any weapon
- Tunnel ManTrap gains new effects from eating an extra mattock (and mitt combo as well)
- other miscellaneous bug fixes

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING LEVEL EDITOR: Since this new version was compiled in GM8.1, their new unicode support rendered pretty much every custom stage unplayable. An older version of TLS is being kept on here for use with the user-made levels since reconciling it is too much of a hassle.


Update 9/22/11

Nothing too huge; fixed some irritating bugs and rebalanced one of the bonus characters. Don't worry, the game's still as lethal as ever. Though I did change the tutorial a little to help new players as well...


Item Combo Update!

After watching some of KalirSavant's LP of TLS, I decided to upgrade a few of the item combos...and add some new ones as well!

I altered three existing combos for the better and added five more to boot. I also fixed a bug or two that had been bothering me. The changes aren't major, but worthy of a mention.


Let's Play TLS!

That's right; TLS is getting its own Let's Play! KalirSavant has opted to endure the hazards of the colossal meat mine for your amusement! Check out the start of it here:



It's finally finished! TLSRMNCMV is ready for download! I'd like to thank the pitifully small number of people from here that helped to make it, and especially thank GameOverGamesProductions for all the hard work he did to improve the editor. Happy spelunkying!


Tastes Like Spelunky: Editor Upgrade & TLSMV

All right! GameOverGamesProductions has helped me improve TLS' editor yet again! The new functionality is detailed in the editor help file that's included with the game. I also fixed a handful of stupid bugs and added a few new things, too. So...check it out, I guess.

Oh, and TLSMV will be finished very soon! You'll need the latest version of TLS to play it, though, so I suggest you get downloading if you're interested!*

*I know you're probably not interested.


Tastes Like Spelunky: Editor Upgraded!

With a lot of help from GameOverGames, I finally got this new version of TLS finished. The editor is now a good bit more powerful than before, and offers some new features and objects for use in custom levels.

Also, if you're at all interested in TLSRMNCMV, there are still a few days left before I give up entirely start wrapping up the event.


Tastes Like Spelunky: Small Update, New Soundtrack

A minor update that adds a somewhat new function for items in the level editor. Nab it if you want to keep up-to-date, but it's nothing huge.

I also added a new soundtrack to the game page! Sonic the Hedgehog 2's music can now be used for Spelunky!


Tastes Like Spelunky: Update & TLSRMNCMV

I uploaded a new version of TLS; this one fixes a few bugs and adjusts some things about the level editor.

Also, TLSRMNCMV's time is half-over, but we're nowhere near our goal yet! If you haven't checked it out yet, you definitely should!
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