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This is a list of custom levels you can play in TLS. They were made with TLS' built-in level editor, which can be accessed by pressing F2 on the title screen. To use these levels, download them and place them in the 'levels' folder with TLS. Then press F3 from the title screen to play them.

Send any levels you make to me, and I'll add them to the list!

You need an older version of TLS to play these stages! Pick up the extra download: Old TLS

Alucard's Steak House (3 levels) by Olmec 74
Crashed (12 levels) by smokcheez
Mines of the De4d! (11 levels) by Electron

Adventure of Tunnel ManTrap (10 levels) by Electron
Beverly Hills (9 levels) by Electron
Breaking In by anonymous
'Chained (4 levels) by smokcheez
Corehound TLS by RamboPVP
Desert Sky by Knight of Turquoise
Dry Spell (17 levels) by Moloch
Forgotten Temple by KarjamP
Pteriworld (11 levels) by Pteriforever
Run! by TyrannicalOverlordC (GameOverGamesProductions)
Stars in the Sky by Pteriforever
Super Ninja 3 (6 levels) by Electron
Super Ninja 4 (11 levels) by Electron
Super Ninja 4terresse (8 levels) by Electron
Terrorbyte by DarkStar_Exorcist
Terrorbyte Panic by DarkStar_Exorcist
Tower (5 levels) by KarjamP

Archer Man 2 (16 levels) by Bazly
Death Race TLS by Ambitious Sloth
Excavation (6 levels) by glennrieck
I Wanna Be the ManTrap by Pteriforever
Maze of Death by anonymous
Mission Impossible (6 levels) by smokcheez
Jumpland (7 levels) by Electron
Killer Market 3 (6 levels) by SuperX46
Pteri Puzzle World 2 (41 levels) by Pteriforever
Red Lamp (9 levels) by smokcheez
Super Ninja (16 levels) by Electron
Super Ninja 2 (22 levels) by Electron
Super Ninja Mission Annexe (10 levels) by Electron
TLS Metroidvania (43 levels) by a bunch of people

All Smiles TLS by lancer
Ascent TLS (6 levels) by eguee
Be Careful TLS by X-Terminator
Bonus Death TLS by marsgreekgod
Cave1 (11 levels) by Dart Vaider
Come Back TLS by AirSalad