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Well, to fulfill some requests, in response to some critics and inputs and to make a work template for next VadisGames projects, we proudly release the fifth full version of FireHeart - Legend of the Paladins Book One: The Bounty Hunters Game.

Platform: PC Game Offline
Genre: Fantasy Traditional RPG
Engine: RPG Maker VX

Added features:
- Mini-maps
- Large Party Changer menu
- Added a few monsters and changed some battle and in-game background music
- Screen modification menu
- Battle backgrounds
- Lighting torch effect in dark caves

Added but non-functional features:
- Quests in main menu (please ignore that because we're still using old quest system using "Quest Log" items)
- Some things are left unchanged because the new scripts from Yanfly+KGC crashed during test.
- Clouds in world maps are not applied yet.

Feedbacks are welcome, hope your play will be more enjoyable,
Come Forth Paladins, Fulfill Your Destiny!

Thanks for downloading EVERNA FireHeart Legacy VX...

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