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Fireheart! Not bad

From the short amount of time I played Fireheart, I realized that the game showed a striking resemblance to Breath of Fire II. The game had its ups and its downs, like all games, but this game wasn’t too great.

One thing that caught me right away was the total story cliché. A “Dark God” and/or “Dark King” never strike me as exiting or interesting, but that is just my opinion. Next, directly after the opening cut-scene was the constant harassing of equipping your sword. It made super doper double sure that you equip your sword before you left your bedroom. Finally I made my way out of the bedroom and made my way into the rest of your house/inn. Inside the house, the first thing I noticed was a man who had the ability to WALK THROUGH WALLS!! At first I thought it was just a guy who was supposed to walk around randomly, but the through effect was accidentally on, but I was wrong.

Finally, I made my way out of the town and into the first dungeon of the game, a small cave which was very unattractive to me. Now I’m not saying that the cave was poorly put together, because all of the maps in the game that I’ve seen are wonderful, but caves are typically the first dungeon of games and I’m not a big fan of cliché. Inside of the dungeon I experienced my first battles of the game, and they were very…..boring. The battle style was much better than the default front view, but the enemies take too long to kill, even after leveling up. I also disliked the enemies’ lack of attacks. Also, the first boss battle of the game struck me as a good improvement from before, but unfortunately the boss did TOO MUCH DAMAGE! The conveniently placed healing crystal next to where the boss was located. The boss didn’t kill me, luckily enough, but it challenged me, which I highly enjoyed. I constantly spammed the sleep spell at him, and actually hitting him with it, and I like that the boss was effected by Status Ailments.

After defeating the boss I was forced out of the dungeon, which was nice because I didn’t want to travel all the way through it again. Then, after leaving the cave I was supposed to return to the town to rest, but being a veteran of RPG’s I went exploring over to a nearby tent. Now unbeknownst to me, this wasn’t a tent of traveling nomads, or woodsman exploring the woods nearby, but instead it was just an icon to indicate the forest area. So I travelled into the forest, and met up with some nice Will-o-wisps, which oddly enough were weak to the new fire spell I recently learned after defeating the first boss. After finding the exit of this forest I came to “The Stonehenge” which I expect to have greater importance later on in the game.

From what I have played Fireheart has some clichés in it, but it’s far from horrible. The game includes a few custom sprites, and a good title screen, but the lack of different music drove me crazy, especially on the first boss, not having a different battle theme.
Graphics: 4/5
Add-ons: 4/5
Music: 2/5
Battle: 3/5
Story: 2/5
Other: 3/5
Final Score: 3/5 - Average


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Whew, I was hoping to get a "4" in the story, because the story is all that is in this kinda game...
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