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In Beyond the Labyrinth, there are 13 unique classes to choose from, however, in the demo, there are only 7. The classes you can explore in the demo are:

Summary: Warriors are front line fighters who are masters of one-handed swords and axes. They are capable of dealing severe damage to their enemies.

Summary: Crusaders are the holy defenders of the weak and the scourge of evil. They can heal allies with their holy skills and protect them with their shields.

-Dirge Knight-
Summary: Dirge Knights are feared fighters who have embraced the darkness of the world. They use blades to cause suffering or inflict pain upon themselves to harm their enemies.

Summary: Hunters are masters of bows and whips, striking with pinpoint accuracy to take down their prey. They excel at taking down beasts.

Summary: Magus are masters of the arcane and have an innate ability to control the elements.

Summary: Healers of masters of holy magic. They have the ability to heal the wounded and revive the unconscious.

Summary: Shamans are masters of dark magic. Their dark spells have the ability to deal damage and cause advert effects to their target.