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You need not play the first game to enjoy this sequel, although the plots are loosely tied together.

(Minor Spoilers ahead)
Your character awakens in the dungeons of Valhalla, sentenced to wander aimlessly in their winding, twisting caverns for the rest of eternity. Essentially, you are the reincarnate of the hero from the first game, and you must carry on your mission of revenge. Unfortunately, you have no memory of your past life, and the details of your missions are far beyond your comprehension. Thus begins a whole new quest for the powerful Seed of Eve, so that you may undo the terrible deeds of the past and save humanity from the prisons of Valhalla.

- Another 8-bit adventure for oldschoolers, but this time with colour!
- Break away from the gigantic prison world of Valhalla, explore the new world of Pangea, and force your way back to the land of Eden!
- Choose from all new skill sets with each level up!
- Revive a second character to help you on your quest for the Seed of Eve!
- Expect many more side quests in this captivating sequel!

Battle System
- Players will once again choose attack combos with each level up. Heavier attacks will wear out your energy meter, so sometimes choosing weaker combos is the wisest choice (especially against large parties of weaker enemies). For this reason, the player must make sure to have a good number of strong and weak combos to preserve energy.
- Add a second character and buy spells and skills for them!
- A whole slew of different skill sets to choose from!

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Eden Legacy 2 Soundtrack

Okay, so here’s the soundtrack for Eden Legacy 2! On the top we have the 8bit renditions, and on the bottom we have the original versions. Enjoy!


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Not much work has been done on this, so while the chipsets are definitely going to be used, the maps will be much improved. I'll post some pics of Valhalla when it is complete.
Wow, you barely released Eden Legacy 1!
lol yeah I know, I figure the first game will be a work in progress for a while until the full release, but I need something new to do in between essays lol.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
Eden and Valhalla are from different and unrelated mythologies.

Please do not mix and match.

: /
Oh, but that's part of the fun! :)
Dang! This means I'll have to play it 10 different ways to get all the endings. Kind of like SaGa Frontier. Well, there goes my summer.
Yeah I thought about that for a long time. I was thinking about doing a youtube vid with all the endings, but what I decided instead was to include an easy character switch for the Deluxe Edition which will allow you to switch between them all at certain points in the game. I still haven't ironed out the details yet, but it seems like it'd be a nice extra feature.
Liking this!
I'll write a review when I finish, may be a while though.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
you do know there's a musical called children of eden, right?

it's terrible, by the way.
lol yeah I ran across some ads for it while I was looking for a new avatar a while back. Didn't work out for me so I settled for a gundam lol
Well, I've beaten the first dungeon, and found a bug already. First, you can still open up your inventory during scenes. While it's not a game breaker, it's still a bug. Second, prism is spelt prism, not prisim. You typo'd the first dungeon name. Third, once you get the phoenix rune, you can glitch the game. If you enter a place other than the soul revival area, the girl will block the entrance.
Edit: Sorry for the double post, when I pressed reply, I accidently double clicked which made it go in twice. I'll just use this one for future bugs, so it's not a completely useless post.

In the area where you use the jagged key to get in, you can walk on the rounded walls. In one of the wells on the orange path after you remember your path, you actually have to walk below the stairs, instead of on them, to get out of the well. You can walk on the orange cracked brick walls in a different well a little further in.

i ended up removing the blockage before I even knew about it, i just saw a suspicious area, and went down to explore. Because of this, I don't think I can get the gemstone in the inn, since I explored the town after...oh well. Just felt like throwing this one out, since I have no idea if I was supposed to talk to someone to trigger that quest. Edit: It was the gemstone in the house, not the inn, that I can't get to.

The second time you talk to the oracle, Find is shown as F ind. In the next dungeon down the stairs, if you go back up, it spawns you kinda far from the entrance, considering you just walked up some steps.
Thanks for the bugs, demonlord! I'm about to upgrade this to a new version so these are really helpful!
That should be good for now. The bugs I've found are up there in my second one.
Awesome! Hope the bugs weren't too frustrating. I'll have to check a few things out to get to the root of some of those problems, but they should be fairly straight forward (hopefully). As per usual, you've earned yourself a tester credit in the next version. It'll be a few more weeks though as I'm nearing the last lap of development for the third game.
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