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After a near-death experience, you awaken from a strange dream with a sword that glows when held in your hands. Not long after, the massive ancient tower known as the Spire has begins emitting a bright light, and everyone you know transforms into a mindless monster... Everyone except you. Head swirling with emotions and confusion, one stark voice speaks in your mind:

"Confront the Spire."

Wield magic and tools to solve puzzles and traverse obstacles throughout the Spire.
Fight monsters in a turn-based combat system, boosting attacks with timed hits and parries, and making use of magic Runes to concoct spells and take down enemies. Fight your way to the top and unravel the secret of the Spire to save humanity!

Latest Blog

Most Promising Demo 2022!

Thanks to everyone who voted! It is my hope that the full game lives up to the promise. Thank you to everyone who has played, and everyone who has shared their thoughts on the game with me. It's been extremely motivating and very fulfilling to see all this work enjoyed.

I took a bit of a break after putting out the demo, really only opening the project to fix bugs or tweak some things. But development has started back up and I'm really excited for everyone to see what's coming.

Thanks again everyone.


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Ok quick feedback since i dont have much time, I really like the concept so far but the battle system needs a lot of work in terms of visual aid.

Sometimes it's fine but the command window placed where the player graphic is... causes problems. Maybe make the spaces for the monsters more open? Idk it's also really weird being RIGHT in front of the monster in some tight corridor. CT made sure the character/monster placements were nice and spaced out and had the menu thing in the same spot. Also some notes:

-I did the open door puzzle by a complete lucky choice of the void rune, i don't get how voids have anything to do with ... moving wood down on another to open a door? idk i don't get that puzzle
-I don't like how some monsters wander around and a bunch ambush, there's just too many encounters at an inconsistent pace.
-I really like the menu and the skill selecting, though in battle it seems to lose consistency on how you choose the skills in battle (instead of pressing 1 or 2 you just press skill and it does whatever is on there, i wonder if thats good design?)
-I'm guessing the metroidvania elements are taken away because all the runes are given, so not much to judge on exploration aspects
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I am very pumped to see a new DS custom battle system!
Thank you much for the feedback, Darken.

The Void rune is supposed to work as sort of a gravity well, pulling movable objects nearer towards you. So in that puzzle, you're pulling the box towards you so it pushes down the switch to open the door. The game is definitely not clear on that, since you don't see any other movable boxes anywhere else, but glad you figured it out.

I plan on making the battle window stationary. Before I had all the other stuff added (HP bar, portrait, 1 and 2 buttons, etc) the battle window wasn't all that bad, and I like the micro menu aspect of it, but the whole thing is growing much bigger than that, and so a stationary battle menu is probably going to be implemented.

As far as using skills in battle, the idea is eventually each rune will have 4 different skills to use, gaining more as the rune levels up, and so you'll be able to choose from a list of skills in battle. I just haven't gotten around to implementing each skill or a menu for choosing said skills. Furthermore, I also intend to allow the equipping of multiple runes for battles, and allowing the player to have a "dual rune skill" per combination, and later on "triple rune skills" (thus furthering the chrono trigger emphasis).

Anyway, thank you for giving it a go, even though there isn't much to speak of. This is just a small demonstration of what I've been working on (which has taken quite some time, I might add). If RS!X wasn't here, nothing would've been released at all. :)

You the practice of self-promotion
Sorry that I need to ask. Is getting to the shaft blocked by the large pool of water as far as you can get in the demo? Thanks in advance for the response.
Yeah. This release isn't anything more than a technical demonstration. Only about five maps.
You the practice of self-promotion
OK. I am aware that you have changed some things around. I think I have checked everything I could have regarding the demo. I used some RM2k3 french RTP 1.08 to be able to get the game going. Sorry to say I have tried anything else you have posted in RMN. Here is my feedback, mostly comments and observations, regarding the demo:

- I do like your implementation of a circular menu option for the Items and Runes. However, I would like it to able to remember what was the last item used or what the current rune is, to use those at starting points for selection when I call them up.
- I found the information given by the crystal to be very thorough and useful.
- I hope you will have an option in the menu to exit to title screen!
- I found using fire and earth runes field skills doesn't reduce Mag. I tried all others and they do reduce it, as expected. Also I found that using a particular rune skill, it takes a couple of seconds to recharge.
- For items, it would be nice to have a description of the currently selected one both in the field and battle, so that you wouldn't have to use an item to actually figure out what it does.
- I like the fact your battle system is passive ATB. That'll be good especially if you plan to have more skills for each rune and more runes equipped. There is nothing more frustrating than having to hurry a battle choice (often making the wrong one at that).
- Are RPs points that get assigned to the currently equipped rune? Will the different levels for the runes let you access more skills or just stronger versions of them?
- Exp. I would guess are assigned to the non-rune level that the character has.
- Your choice to have to use arrows to find the Flee and Defend options in battle was good, especially putting those little directional arrows as reminders. I hope you do something similar when you add all those battle sub-options you have in mind.
- When you open a chest and find an item, the characters lifts it up to show, kind of like the character in Legend of Zelda games does.
- I found if you walk into a diagonal wall and continue pressing the directional button you'll move to the next part of the diagonal wall in the direction you're pressing.
- I wasn't able to use neither the Sky nor the Freeze in the field against enemies for the intended use, probably in some cases because the enemies move too quickly.
- I don't feel it is bad to have surprise attacks. It keeps you on your toes.
- I hope there's enough magic restoring items available especially once dealing with stronger monsters.
- Probably due to RTP I used, in the screenshot where you show bats or moths (?), I had hogs (although some others have said they are orcs) for the sprites of the enemy. When I attacked these enemies, I found that instead of the expected animation, the sprite would get changed into that of a grim reaper. I have found that, particularly with RM2k3, it is probably best for the developer to include most of the resources you intend to need for the game, since there's no 1 standard RTP. I had also tried this KVlad RTP translation, but it wasn't enough for me to play the game. Otherwise, some things might work, but not as originally intended by the developer.
Ok quick feedback since i dont have much time, I really like the concept so far but the battle system needs a lot of work in terms of visual aid.

Sometimes it's fine but the command window placed where the player graphic is... causes problems.

If it's just two show picture events, the picture number you choose determines which one will show on top. Just reverse the order. I forget if the picture closest to 1 has highest prority or lowest priority.
Just played this, It is a very cool idea!

The visuals could use an upgrade, maybe its just me but with a custom system like this mixed with the RTP graphics.. its a big turn off. Is that a non-RTP chipset? The objects really stand out compared to the walls, I don't know if that's a bad thing or not..

I use a gamepad to play most RM games and having some of the main buttons on 1 and 2 makes it awkward to play. I guess there was really no other choice but even if I played on keyboard it wouldn't feel natural to have to stretch my hand up to press 1 all the time. Not much you can do about that though.

That said, you have done many things right and this has much potential!
I really like the concept of this game. Is the battle system an ABS or similar to Chrono Trigger as the description mentions?
I really like the concept of this game. Is the battle system an ABS or similar to Chrono Trigger as the description mentions?

It's more like chrono trigger, only not really active, purely turn based. There's a video of it in action if you click the "Videos" tab up at the top of the gamepage.
Wow, looks nice! If you need any help with anything, I'm open to assist you :)
How have I not noticed this before? Subscribed, and up to test play if you'd like some feedback.
Just watched your video. Looks pretty rad! Subbing.
Looks like I'll like this one.
Keep it up ;)
Can we have a blog post update soon :> ?
Can we have a blog post update soon :> ?

As soon as I have something done worth updating. :3
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subbed. Love your maps, tilesets.
This looks great! Can't wait. Subscribing~ :3
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This looks really really super cool! I'm excited for this. In particular, the implementations of the relics look rad. Subbed.
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