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Looming Spire Notes - Runes

  • narcodis
  • 08/21/2017 06:48 PM
Let's talk about Runes

In the Looming Spire, Runes are magic emblems hidden throughout the Spire. Each Rune hearkens back to ancient times, a link to the elemental governing force that ruled a kingdom. Finding each one will be imperative to unlocking the mystery of the Spire and breaking the curse that plagues the hero's homeland.

In the Looming Spire, the hero will find many items that will assist on his journey, including various equipment to help in combat, and ancient relics which will allow him to overcome obstacles. Runes, however, will cover both areas, granting powers that can be used both in AND out of combat.

These stones attach to the hero's sword, the Rune Blade. While initially only one Rune can be attached to the sword, the hero will eventually find upgrades that will allow for multiple runes to be attached at once.

Six Runes exist in all. Let's talk about each one individually!


When using the Fire rune, the hero creates a small burst of flame directly in front of him that ignites flammable objects, like boxes and spider webs. It can also be used to light torches and melt blocks of ice.

In combat, Fire magic is the most devastating of all forms of magic, dealing high damage and increasing attack power.


The Frost Rune unlocks the power of ice elemental magic. When used, a blast of ice is created in a small circle in front of the hero, freezing enemies in their tracks. It's also used to activate magic orbs within the Spire that amplifies the Frost magic, which can for example freeze all the water within a room, creating ice that can be walked upon!
Frost magic may not be the most powerful, but it can slow enemies down, which affords a huge upper-hand in combat. It can also grant buffs to intelligence and spell damage, making it one of the most useful Runes to take along in combat!


The Sky Rune allows the hero to command the thunderous power of the sky, allowing him to control lightning bolts and strong winds. Using this power, the hero can create a discharge that forces back all enemies within a small radius around the hero, allowing safe passage through areas where mindless monsters block the way through.

This same power can also be used to create an electric charge that powers up old machinery, which is very useful in certain areas of the Spire!
Sky magic in a combat setting is extremely volatile, and as such can deal great amounts of damage. Using Sky magic can reducing cast times and increase agility, allowing the hero to act much faster than the enemy!


The Earth rune grants its user the strength and massive force derived from the deep echoes of the earth itself. With this, our hero is granted immense strength, and can use this power to crush boulders that lay in his path.

In combat, the hero is granted the power to cause earthquakes, and to launch massive rocks at enemies, dealing devastating damage and increasing defensive stats.


The Void Rune itself is extremely dark and enigmatic. Gazing upon it, the stone itself seems to have a depth that goes on infinitely. The bearer of this Rune is granted the ability to use Void magic, which alters the fabric of space itself. Using the Void Rune will create a gravity well centered around the hero, which will draw moveable objects towards the hero from a distance. With this, the hero can overcome obstacles that require a block out of reach.

Void magic in combat utilizes the same principle, creating gravity wells that deal damage to enemies based on their maximum HP.


The Light Rune is mysterious in many ways. While all other forms of magic have been documented in various scholarly texts and tomes, there is nothing written about Light magic, nor its corresponding Rune. Our hero discovers that using it outside of combat allows him to restore some health, which comes in handy as the Spire is riddled with traps and hazards. The Light Rune offers a similar benefit within combat, granting the hero the ability to heal wounds instantly, over time, or even use it to prevent death itself.

Given the mysterious nature of this Rune, t's possible it may have other uses as well...

Rune Mechanics

Runes grow stronger over time by using them in battle. After each battle, the hero will gain EXP, Gold, and RP. RP stands for 'Runic Points', and collecting enough Runic Points will eventually cause your Runes to level up, to a max level of 5. The lower the level of the Rune, the more RP they will gain, so Runes acquired later in the game will level up much quicker.

Leveling your Runes is the way you learn new spells. Each Rune starts at level 1 with one spell, and a new spell is learned at level 2 and level 4.

I mentioned briefly above, eventually the hero finds a way to equip multiple Runes simultaneously. With this, the hero will soon realize new ways to utilize Rune magic. Once two Runes hit level 3, the hero will learn a Doublespell that combines the powers of those two runes. Likewise, leveling three runes up to level 5 will unlock a Triplespell.

The different combinations have a variety of effects, and will emphasize Rune selection as you prepare for battle!

More GIFs!

Not much else left to say on the subject of Runes, other than some will be much more hidden than others! It's up to you, the player, to figure all this stuff out.

Here are a bunch of gifs of Runes being used in combat!


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Wicked cool. I like all of the visual demonstrations
This looks really cool, it really helps set this game apart from the standard RM stuff.
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