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Demo 1 for The Looming Spire

Version 1.3:
This will be the last update for the demo! I mean it this time! Thanks everyone for playing and your support.
-Reworked some puzzle logic in the Waterworks. Another key was added into the mix of things.
-Shuffled around some treasures to make the more valuable treasures more hidden.
-Made the Doublespell throne in the Snail Village one that could be learned in the scope of the demo.
-Improved spell selection in battle to gray out spells you don't have enough energy for.
-Fixed a bug where the Bomb item could be used infinite times if it did not hit all enemies.
-Fixed a bug where items could be used in a Limit state.
-Fixed some tile passability bugs.
-Fixed a pathing issue on an NPC in the City
-Added some Explorer's notes in the Caves with more information
-Fixed a softlock where the player would teleport into a wall in the City.
-Probably some other bugs I'm forgetting!

Version 1.2:
-Fixed crash that can happen on cutscenes after destroying an object.
-Fixed the Warden item
-Fixed collision on tiles in room where Fire Rune is acquired
-Fixed the rune upgrade menu wrongly indicating changes to spell size for spells that have no area of effect

-Added some more NPCs with dialogue
-Added a secret treasure
-Added a visual cue to aid with timed hits and updated tutorial to explain it
-Updated how boxes are pushed/pulled (you now _hold_ Z to grab a box, instead of toggling grab on/off with Z)

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