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James Frog is a struggling marketing executive in Frog City USA, but when he is tasked to perform a worldwide audit of the company, he finds that nothing is as it seems in the......


arrows - walk
z - action
esc - main menu
x - menu (not implemented yet)

This is a very rough WIP thrown out there for Release Something X and as a consequence to this it sucks!

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Office World NPCs

drones: disposable low-level office workers. generally diffident and peaceful, there are still rumours of vicious "rogue" drone gangs roaming the sewers. . .

management: very sneaky and engaged in elaborate power plays to gain access to the mysterious head office. they generally keep to the sidelines while drones carry out their plans but managers can be deadly in a fight on their own. they see other managers as potential rivals and so try to avoid their company. a possible vulnerability?

slimes: every rpg needs slimes

consultant: the consultant will frequently confide information to you in order to show his status in the company. sometimes this can be valuable, sometimes not.

crypt ghoul: dreadful spooks wandering the sewers and sites of bloody intradepartmental conflicts. they are very dangerous to touch. what is the secret of the ghouls??

chook chook: who's the chook chook. who's the chicky. whatta chicky chook. the chook chook are peaceful creatures which tend the river of letters flowing through the mail room. their friendly docility means they are taken for granted by management but they can be a powerful ally.

receptionist: most floors have a receptionist who is willing to sell weapons from Cheap Staplers to Gilded Blades, if you have the money.

file mouse: harmless toadying creatures which retrieve valuable documentation for management. though off-limits for drones, a proper use of the file mice is integral to succeeding in your quest...

high level executive: the rarest and most deadly of all office inhabitants. they are very surly and have legendary combat skills: even hardened managers will avoid taking on a high level executive in an open fight. although usually staying in the top floors of the building, executives will occasionally wander below on ghastly and mysterious errands.

all subject to change etc
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  • 03/16/2010 08:20 PM
  • 10/02/2010 02:51 AM
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The game seemed to lack the heart of your normal games. I think having mouse compatibilty(whilst slightly out of genre) and more examinable stuff would be a good idea. By the way, where was the demo meant to end? I got stuck in the big room with the water cooler and none of the doors worked.
yeah, that's where it ends. this isn't so much a demo as a very rough wip (there is like four days worth of work in this version) and i am still working out the characters and interactions and things! i agree with the heart thing completely and haven't really found an 'angle' on the main character yet (ie a gimmick) and the intro as a whole doesn't really hook me at all but this is something i'm working on too. thanks for playing!
You the practice of self-promotion
I played your demo twice and I'm providing feedback for it, mostly observations and comments. Just to let you know, I have played Twenties Flappers vs The Mummy previously and found it very good, in spite of being linear. In addition to that, the only other non-RM game I have played from RMN are Blue and Dragoon Legends, Part 1.


- Sorry to have to say this but James reminds me more of a rat or dog than a frog. Still, I commend your idea of trying of doing graphics by hand, with your own talent, rather than ripping them off someone else. I confess I probably couldn't have that much better than that freehand you did. The other things that's interesting about this approach is it allows you to draw things not using straight lines, which is good if you don't want this to be too detailed.
- I guess you like to use black outlines for the graphics. I personally like this, as long as the outline is not excessively thick and unless the color of the object is too dark, so that such combo doesn't produce a good contrast. I like the use of floating eyebrows and how expressive they are.
- The James' movement feels a bit stiff. There is minimal movement animation (some arm and leg).
- I found whether you can walk somewhere or not, might not be clear (sometimes you can literally walk into or behind other characters). Also, where you need to stand to do actions on something or someone is sometimes unclear as well.
- Interestingly, when you change the direction you're facing, James eyes seem to blink for a fraction of a second. I wonder whether you intended this or not.
- Sadly, only Z serves for Action. Space and Enter don't work.
- Do you intend for the game to have some sound? It would be nice to have some background music appropriate to the context and sound effects that are activated with particular actions.
- I tried the TV. These blurbs are a good opportunity for you to put something interesting and unique.
- James must be based on Clark Kent. I expected him to just put his pants on. He ended up with shirt and tie, and glasses as well.
- I tried the phone. I guess James doesn't have cell phone.
- I notice James' stork neighbor. I think for this character you did a nice job, since he does hold certain resemblance to certain people, physically and personality-wise.
- Are the houses supposed to be modeled after mushrooms?
- I checked the trash cans. I guess what trash people throw away really tells you a lot who they are.
- Once I pressed action at the bus stop, the bus can in a hurry! Is that a school bus he's taking?
- I guess the old lady must be some sort of insect ...
- I wonder whether the dinosaur was charged double fare for being double wide! Also, such as big guy being scared of a little toad ...
- The Toad looks a little bit what I thought a frog would look, except a little bit fatter.
- The Lizard looks a lot like James, only cooler. I guess smoking's allowed in public in Frog City. It is interesting that the choice of giving him the light or not provides or doesn't an interesting option. Side quests, anyone?
- I guess the Businesstoad similar to the toad in the bus, shows that toads are not to be messed around with.
- Joyce is also good stereotype of the receptionist ...
- Tried the elevator. I wonder whether it has music playing in it.
- What ... no messages for James and can't walk behind receptionist desk? I guess James is a low-level drone.
- Vinnie's (the gator) jerk! Are his lackey frogs(yes-men) as well? Nice Daytona and Fortune 500 ref.
- I guess they wear uniforms at work. Wonder how many sets they've got?
- Nice that you made the cubicles not straight and included the mandatory water cooler.
- I guess his marketing coworkers have interesting (although sometimes ridiculous) things to say. The dragon (or lizard) is another jerk.
- What with all the posts in the bulletin boards and cubicles?
- Poor James, his e-mail got spammed as the rest of us have ...

I also went ahead and read your blog post. I realize that the demo is incomplete and nowhere close to what you intend. I like the idea of being able to explore a world freely and not within a linear plot, but somehow you have to frame well why James wants to break out of the routine. Another question is whether you will allow the player to choose what to pursue (I am thinking introduce paths or sidequests, by slipping information leading to them) and whether James will be able to try them all as they are introduced. Also, I wonder whether you intend to have some ending event to the game.

I think you could have a little more dialogue between James and some characters. It is when you have a discussion that something interesting can come out and we can find out his reaction to it. Giving some personality to those NPCs definitely helps. I expect this project to be quite different than any other here in RMN. Good luck on this project!

Whoa dude that is insanely detailed crit, thank you! :)

I agree with basically everything you've said! I am not entirely happy with the version uploaded right now and have changed things around considerably for the current version, including more interactions, custom music, a different tone, a Frog Naming and Educating system at the start (select a college for your frog to attend. choose life experiences for you frog) and a mouse-based movement and interaction system rather than the clumsier keyboard movement one. Also yeah I am gonna have a kind of loose generic plot about fetching the seven whatevers because it's just the kind of arbitrary structuring device needed to stop these things from just being aimless wanderfests.

Incidentally the response to the lizard determines whether he joins your party later in the game. I like the idea of having these really insignificant little details dotted all over that open up new areas and so on. I'm not sure if I'll keep that part in the current version, which is slightly more surreal.

Thanks again for the comments, I appreciate them.
You the practice of self-promotion
You're welcome. Sounds to me your newer version is a cross between at sim, at least at the beginning, and an adventure. I guess you are probably trying to have insignificant details that might be easily glossed over some players play a significant role on what your character will have access to. I look forward to seeing what you come up with, since it looks like your development has led you to things quite different from the demo.
This is your only non-completed game on this site

fix it fix it fix it
I'm a dog pirate
Wow. When I saw this game on the list, I just KNEW it was a cattmitts game.
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