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Play as agent Charles Noname as he infiltrates the island of Auroco and the research facility owned by Gigantian Corp within, to try and discover the nefarious dealing going on in secret. He's only got 24 hours to break in, get the info, and make an exit route, so he'd better work fast!

Day Job was kind of a failed concept of mine. I wanted to try to remake the battle system found in Hybrid Heaven in RM2K, and while I managed to make a close approximation, my skill with the system at the time made for some fairly crippling inefficiencies and issues. That, coupled, with my typical problem of being able to highly develop a start and an end, but not the middle, made me eventually have to shelve the idea.

The battle system, which I called MD ATABS (Menu-Driven Active Time Action Battle System), or just Dr. Atabs (because hey, back in 2003, CBSes needed snappy titles), is like a cross between the ATB systems found in games like Secret of Evermore crossed with wrestling attacks. If you've ever played Hybrid Heaven, you don't really need much more of an explanation.

I don't know, maybe some day I'll pick it back up again. I still like the concept, and I still love the battle system. But if people want to try and rework the battle system into something else, I'd be happy to help them.

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I have to commend you at least for attempting to emulate Hybrid Heaven. That was a definite unsung classic, and I always liked its fighting system.
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