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Welcome, everyone! For "Release Something", day, I decided to treat you all with one of the first games I've ever made with RPG Maker! In addition, I've got a the alpha, testbed project of the remake I originally planned to do, but never got around to fully implementing. I thought I'd share this game with you all not only to give you a piece of my history, but also do see whether you at least like the concept of this game, or whether you would like to see a remake of this game. It's been circling in my mind for a while, and while this first game, unsurprisingly, has several flaws, I think this has some potential supplied that it is made well. Anyway, take a look around this game page and have fun!

In the fantastic world of Zobion, there is a small island near the Western equator called Najuju Island. There lives a laid back sea monster named Slimy the Sahagin, who despite his appearance, is actually the island's protector. Slimy has protected his island and the rest of his sahagin kind for years, until one, fateful day.
A group of armored thieves, who call themselves the Banuku Bandits, raided the island by boat and imprisoned every resident, including Slimy himself. However, Slimy was the only sahagin to escape from his imprisonment, only to find that his island has become completely taken over by the Banuku Bandits.
From then on, Slimy figured out what he needed to do. He must infiltrate every establishment made by the Banuku Bandits and destroy it to free his island. He also needs to find out why the Banuku Bandits are invading in the first place. The task is big, but for the sake of everyone, Slimy must persist to bring peace back to his home.

-Sonic Team

-Near Fantastica
-Jimme Reashu


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Looks pretty good. I'll post a review soon.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
You the practice of self-promotion

I got to play both versions of your game and I have a question for each:

- in your completed version, I beat the boss for the 2nd base; in the next screen to the far left there's a portal (looks like a white sun on the floor) that when you go to it, it says it's inactive; there's unpressed red switch that can you press but didn't change the inactive status of the portal; is that switch supposed to activate the portal or I am supposed to be doing something else altogether? I know that you can't go back past where you fought the boss nor past the portal screen.
- in your alpha remake, I wanted to ask in the Test Field, if you reach the point where you are chased by a bomb, is that all you can do there?

Thanks for your reply. As it is, you are about fifth in my queue of my little project!
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs

Kind of looking back at this, I can understand how such a puzzle can be really confusing. Press the switch again, but this time from the bottom of the switch. That will open the portal.

For your second question, yes, that's all there is to it.
You the practice of self-promotion
Thanks for your response, Ratty. I didn't occur to me that you the switch only worked when pressed facing a certain direction. That's probably the only one I didn't try. I hope to be able to provide you some feedback within the next couple of days if all goes well.
You the practice of self-promotion
OK, so I was finally able to finish the original. Since I'm running a little behind (you're still currently fifth on my queue) where I would like to be in terms of giving feedback, I hope to post a review before the end of the weekend and give you feedback for the remake.
You the practice of self-promotion
Ratty, here's my feedback of the remake (I hope to be submitting the review of the original later today!):

For those playing the remake: WARNING, CONTAINS SPOILERS!

General comments:

- Some of the background music (including the retro Title screen's) sounds mono and give its a Nintendo/old school arcade feel. The only problem with it, though, I found it to sound much quieter than the stereo music.
- Despite the fact you are using DSAR for the background music, it's probably the first game I can remember using it where the sound did sound scratchy or get cut out intermittently.
- It's also the first time I've seen a moving background for the menu screen. I think it's nice and different detail.
- For the sprites of the characters in the menu screen, the transparent parts which let the background show makes them look creepy. I would guess you probably meant to fill them in with white color instead.
- I guess this remake will be different in many ways than the original.
- I noticed a few typing or spelling mistakes.

Test field comments:

- Jumper directions should say need to press action when in front of object facing a particular direction to get boosted, not just next to it.
- Where there's sign explaining character selection, the character you're using can walk past the edge in the tiles in the back and their sprite gets cut off.
- I assume that the special actions such as Slimy's ability to swim are engage automatically if the character you are using have them and step in some particular types facing a certain directions. I'm wondering if you plan to put a message if you have the wrong character selected, to hint that a change needs to be made.
- I found that when you get hit by the bomb the damage it did to your party doesn't show until you access the menu.

Test special stage comments:

- At first, I had a hard time collecting the blue balls and ended crashing very easily into the red ones. I felt and still feel somewhat that the speed at which things come at you is a little bit too fast.
- Once I started to get the hang of it and figured that you needed to hit one of the green balls with the star to avoid dying when hitting the barrier of red balls right after it, I was having trouble collecting the blue ball behind the barrier of black balls since I overcompensated and move too far to the left by 1 or 2 spaces. Eventually I was able to collect them all.
- The difference between 1 and 2 are the colors used and the rails on top of 2. I personally don't care for the rails on top, since they distracted me.
- What ever happened to 3 through 7? Regardless, I would guess you intend this to be a secret bonus min-game, so making it a bit tough, doesn't bother me as long as you explain to the player what the rules are. I don't know whether you intend to let the player replay until they beat it and what kind of reward you are giving for beating it.

Test battle comments:

- The bestiary appears to be well implemented.
- It's nice to be able to toggle background battle music if it gets to repetitive. Will you implement this in the main menu as an option?
- The sprites of your characters in the status bar during battles makes them look crazed, if not angry.
- I found the battles to be fast paced, which is good when using active ATB. However, because it's active, battles tend to get hectic: it's easy to fall behind with the turns of your characters if you make the wrong choice and have to press escape to re-select. I would keep the battles fast paced, but using a passive ATB instead.
- I did notice the use of focusing on the enemy being attacked, which I first saw in the Master of the Wind series.
- When a character levels up and learns a new skill this gets flashed in the screen a bit too quickly.
- The Ghoul, Crabad and Starbuck are relatively weak and can beat easily at level 2 with the right strategy.
- The Banaku fighter was harder to beat, although I need to reach level 5 to beat it easily. Basically, since Slimy had no armor, he was vulnerable to being hit twice and dying.
- I had to get to level 9, for Slimy to learn the feint attack and Milly to learn eagle claw to finally be able beat the Bot Buster duo. I guess you only get three of their "ticks" before they self-destruct and wipe out your party.
- I found it was good that you changed the stats compared to the original so that HP and SP, Str, Dex, Int and Agi didn't have the same values.

View Island comments:

- Is your intention here to eventually show where in the island you will be traveling to?

The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
The alpha was made for me to test out some possible features for the remake, so it's pretty much a test project. I didn't initially intend for anyone to see it, as a result, but since I wanted some opinions on whether this game would be a good idea for me to make I released it along with the original.

I wasn't that good of an artist at the time I made the battlers (they are about 2-3 years old), so I can understand why you felt that they looked "crazed".

After replaying that special stage, I agree that the speed is way too fast, and that the details of the stage could be elaborated aside from "Get the blue spheres!"

As for the island, I had an idea of placing a picture of a landscape with mode7. It's an example of how I kind of play around to eventually get something that works.

I'll be checking out the review soon.
Playing the original version....

It's a really good game Ratty! When I got to the desert town I was able to fight the scorpions and restore the party each time(use bed) and repeat, leveling my party up to level 11. In the 2nd base I figured out the switch to activate the transporter just fine but when I got past the 4th base I eventually wound up at the shore with a boat.

I got on the boat and it disappeared in the next screen and the game hung. Maybe I'm supposed to enter the boat from the bottom or the bow?

It's OK now, I entered the boat from the south side, and it worked. If you try to get in the boat from the north side of it the game will hang.

Still playing....
Out of curiousity... can we use any of the resources in the game? Some of them were pretty neat.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Out of curiousity... can we use any of the resources in the game? Some of them were pretty neat.

We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
random thoughts
nice break from playing as a human :3

milly love fish!

the mapping is really bad. oversized maps

battles inside towns too? :(

the 2 guards if you chose move it and ebat them and talk to them after wards they will go up every time.
eventually it would freeze the game unless they go thrut he wall

:( i dont like when stat boost items are sold :(

the costs in the stores are weird. slimys weapon for example gives him way more power then the others for less then half the price!

laura cannot equip hats! i bought a felt hat for her and despite it showing you can use it it wont let me equip it!

all kinds of pathing errors in the area with the spikes after picking a elemental to join you.
and in the room with the 3 guards and locked door you cant go back up the stairs near the south wall
and the north door you can walk up the right side of it and see glitches

the game continues after you defeat him on the boat?...

since angels exist you would think god does right? he would probably step in rather then send a angel that cant even handle such a easy job.

what secrets was the game even referring too?

thoughts 2H+
this was a boring dragged out experience.
alot of grammar mistakes
some pathing issues
pointless battles
unnecessarily large maps

i did not enjoy this much
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
what secrets was the game even referring too?

I don't even remember.

Thanks for your thoughts, I agree with anyone who tears this game to shreds, but keep in mind this game is about 10 years old (even though the date added suggests otherwise, it was actually completed sometime around 2006-2007), and technically my first completed game. Since then, I've actually grown a lot as a developer, so your lack of enjoyment for the reasons you mentioned doesn't surprise me.

If you are interested, check out some of my more recent projects. Sellsword is a game I'm more or less moving on from, but would still love to hear feedback on. Tina of the Stars is a pac-man styled game that got featured on the site at one point. Lastly, if you are willing to branch out from RPG Maker, I also recommend giving The Last Hero and Neo Retro Super Mario Bros a shot.

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