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These are the list of characters for P5.

Name: Dirk Lamelin
Age: 17
Height: 5'8"
Likes: Sleeping, Acting like a hero
Dislikes: Injustice, No Freedom
Quote: Come, Squire!
Weapon of Choice: Knives
Dirk Lamelin was an abandoned child at a very young age, and was raised by his foster parents, or uncle and aunt from his point of view. He has a very laid back personality and has a bad tendancy to get himself and others into trouble. He was taught to never allow injustice to continue around those near you, and this itself has motivated him in learning both the world and who the parents who abandoned him really are.

Name: Cara
Age: 18
Height: 5'5"
Likes: Freedom, Swimming
Dislikes: War, Bugs
Quote: I'll do my best!
Cara has been selected to become the Element Mistress that goes around the world and receives the Elementals powers, her mission is to obtain the 4 Elemental powers so that the gateway to Paradise will open all the fighting between the Demi-Humans and the Humans will end. While she is obligated to perform this task, she has a small sense of despair of accomplishing this task, will Dirk be able to convince her otherwise?

Name: Maxwell
Age: 14
Height 4'5"
Likes: Reading, Exploring Ruins
Dislikes: Noisy People, Trouble
Quote: What a bother.
Weapon of choice: Axes
LIke Dirk, he was also abandoned as a child, and was raised by a widowed mother. Because of this that Dirk and Maxwell were quickly to become the best of friends. He was able to motivate Dirk to help him explore caverns and ruins, as Maxwell acts as the brains, he sees Dirk as the brawn. Like Dirk, he too hopes to find out who he is, and what purpose his life really means for him.

Name: Rufus
Age: 27
Height: 6'3"
Likes: Training, Quiet
Dislikes: Inefficienc
Quote: Don't waste any time.
Rufus is a Sell Sword that is under the employment of the Lurnian Government. The reasons he seems to be staying in the employment of the Lurnian Government is a mystery though. He has been assigned to watch of the Elemental Mistress: Cara. He has much combat experience under his belt. However, he seems to suffer from a case of impatience because he dislikes waiting for anyone while he is on a mission. To most people who see him, they usually get a negative impression about him. While he has such negative views about him, he will always complement those who are worthy of his time, and will criticize those who will do something that could danger himself and those around him.

Name: Elmyra
Age: 21
Height 5"6'
Likes: Forests, Rivers
Dislikes: Kyo
Quote: I'm prepared.
Elmyra is an assassin hired by an enigma with the mission of killing the Element Mistress. But due to certain circumstances, she ends up joining Dirk and the heroes. She has a no nonsense personality, and will complete her missions without fail. She seems to share a connection with Kyo, and bares a major grudge against.

Name: Kaitlyn Rokusho
Age: 20
Height 5"7'
Likes: Donuts, Jogging
Dislikes: Getting lost, Pretenders
Quote: Pleased to meet'cha!
Kaitlyn is a free spirit who travels the world in her own leisure, or at least that is what she likes to think anyway. Kaitlyn has a bad habit of getting herself into trouble and giving people a wrong impression about her, which results in negative consequences. She doesn't reveal her reason for travelling the world, but the cause is so simple for such a lonely girl such as herself.

Name: Kyo
Age: 29
Height 5"9'
Likes: Gathering information.
Dislikes: Not getting it.
Quote: Do you want something?
Very little is known about Kyo, only that he is an informant who gathers information for his employers. He has a knack of collecting information from anyone, and will only reveal information to a trusting person. He knows Elmyra quite well, but he tends to ignore her very existence due to events that occurred in the past.

Name: Neko
Age: 12
Height: 4"3'
Likes: Pranks, Fish
Dislikes: Violence, Humans
Quote: *meow*
Neko is a demi-human who wanders around causing mischievous pranks on the locals in many villages and cities. While she doesn't involve herself in the direct war between the humans and demi-humans, she supports the demi-humans rebellion by doing things her own way... childish they may be. But a sudden turn of events begin to change Neko's opinion of humans, can this new change benefit the rest of her brethren?