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P5 Blog #19 P6 Title Screen Request

First off, lemme say thanks for the feedback on the video I posted last week, definitely gave me some good input on where I should go next, appreciate it.

Next up, I wanna get a title screen up and running, and like my traditional Phantasia Series fashion, I usually like having someone make the title screens because I always like the designs people make for my title screens.

I will mostly leave it to the designer on how it's made, my only request on there is to add 8 orbs or something in a octagon type thing represent the elements fire, ice, thunder, earth, light, dark, space and time. The colors for space and time would be interesting though, I'm open for suggestion as to what color they would be, though you could add a unique effect or something representing those too... iono.

Well, thanks to anyone who'll help with this. :D

Progress Report

P5 Blog #18 P6 Progression

I know, I know, I should just go and make a new game page on P6, but I don't feel there's enough content to warrant putting a game page up yet, plus I'd like to have a playable demo or something before I make an actual game page of the game, but I do have some fun filled screenshots to share.

The hero and heroine meet for the first time in the Lurnian Academy. What sort of misadventures will they have?

An amusing conversation between our hero Zack and the heroine Mirian. What the quest will be will be amusing. One thing I forgot to add, is that the heroine will not be playable. But I'm trying to find some other means of making her useful outside of battle, like she can provide some kind of service to the heroes like an crafting system or something that just doesn't have her stand around and be pretty, I'll be thinkin' a bit on the coming weeks on the ideas.

And showing off a nifty new addition to the game, battle formations, this time you can change your heroes position in a 3x4 panel, you will gain bonuses depending on the position and it can help you avoid attacks as well. Being the back row decreases your chances of being attacked, but it decreases your attack average. I'm still experimenting with this and thinking of some many formations to add and benefits.

Well, that's all from me for now, back to Ace and do more workings. Toodles ya'll.

EDIT: Huh, over 1100 downloads now! Cooool!

Progress Report

P5 Blog #17 Hard at work!

Hey guys, Jaymonius here with a new screenshot or two to show off to ya'll. Lettin' you all know that the game is in progress, slowly but surely, it's moving along. Got a few NPC's sprited. Gotta sprite the heroes charsets though, and I have at least 1 two more hero battlers to sprite as well, I'm just having a bit of a hard time to think of a design for the last character(s). Semi-hard anyway. I got a good idea, but eh.

Elsewhere, more battle screens. Man, if there is one thing I wish I could have is have like a 2D/3D battle screen, like Mana Khemia's battle system, oooooh, that'd be gold, but hey, I use what I can work with.

Anyway, enough dill dallying, here is a new screenshot... or two. :P

Oooh, looks like Yumi has inherited one attack from P5. This skill actually has alternate versions as well. If you use this attack on a flying enemy, she will skip one part of her animation, but will also do a lot more damage to said flying enemy. So use it whenever you see aerial enemies.

And what we have here is Zack using a complex animation! ZOMG! Epic attack! But not a finisher attack! However, another thing that also exists this time, which I'm actually surprised a lot of games don't implement this, the weight of enemies, so some attacks don't exactly have good effects depending on the enemy. So once again, the attack will change depending on what type of enemy you're battling. Such as an immovable enemy or a very heavy enemy like say a dragon, or a final boss or Jaymonius... "HEY! I AM NOT THAT HEAVY!"

Well, that's all from me for now. Thanks for readin'!


P5 Blog #16 1000 downloads!! Thanks!!

Holy shit! This game has been downloaded over 1000 times! That's great, just absolutely peachy! Thanks all of you for playing this game and all the other Phantasia games over the years and giving me your constructive criticism over the years as well.

With each game, comes new improvements, and with new improvements comes new features. As it has been hinted over the past few months, Phantasia 6 is officially in development now. While I don't have much to show at the current time, as I'm mostly working on the battle system first and little bits of making character sets here and there, but here is the first screen I have, its' still in development, so don't pay the HUD any mind right now.

Well, I'll be continuing to work on this, I mostly just wanted to express my gratitude for everyone's support of this series. I originally wanted to end it at the fifth game, and while the remake of the 2nd game wore me out to no end, I figured I'd move on with the series by jumping to a new engine and see how things turn out. I know a lot of problems I had with rm2k3 will be a thing of the past as RMVXAce will take care of issues that were always a thing in past Phantasia gamse, such as that ever so annoying movement issue! :P

Anyway, I'll have a page or something made on this in due time, but only when I feel comfortable enough to think that I have made enough progress on this to warrant a page.

I may request someone for a title page sooner or later... but I'll cross that road when I get there.

Game Design

P5 Blog #15 P6's graphic direction.

Hey peeps, it is I, the monius, random rantings and wondering on how I how I can make the graphic direction for P6 turn out. I'm wondering if I should use the regular FSM charsets or use the Tales of sprites like I did with PR, P2R, and P5?

I don't have much complaints about using FSM spriting , but I like to try and distinguish the charsets from the Phantasia series and the Lost Land series.

As for battle characters, I'll be using the same style as I did for the other installments, maybe even make them a little bigger to accommodate the larger screen resolution for VX games.

Really, my only other issue would be tilesets as well, while I don't have an issue using all those tilesets I've seen available for VX Ace, I'd like to try my hand at doing parallax tilesets too. But I don't know anyone who's willing to do that kinda stuff. X_X;

There's a lot of planning to be had for the game, especially in terms of the graphical department, but I do have a storyline thought up for at least premise of the game, as for how the game will play out, that's where I'm stuck, because of the whole gotta get the graphical thing sorted out before I can really start on anything.

Making games on VX is hard... somewhat. :P

What's your thoughts on graphical style of choices peeps?


P5 Blog #14 Long time update!

Hey hey everyone. This game is almost near the 1k mark of downloads. Thanks muchly for playin' this game. It's taken a long time since it's release, but I now have a big update available for you guys now.

-More bug fixes
-New Game Clock added.
-Stat increase. (Atk, Def, Mys, Agl can now go up to 9999).
-Damage increase. (Regular damage to enemies exceed to 99999.)
-Few dialog fixes

Thanks for your patience, and I hope to make this game bug free. After installing the game clock, I've learned the game will take roughly 15-20 hours to complete give or take.

Speaking of updates, I've actually been doing some work on P3. I've gone a retranslated a lot of my... poor dialog from when I younger. I've only gone up to the point when your heroes set out for Minervo. I'm working on it on and off though, so when the update appears, it'll appear.

That's all from me. Back to other stuff.

Progress Report

P5 Blog #13 - Phantasia 5 is returning.

Hey there, it's me, Jaymonius.

During the last few days, I've been in the reminiscing period about P5, dunno why, I figured I'd get a few more fixes done here n' there, the game has been long since needing to return to be played by you guys.

So, I've decided to release what I have now. Which I'd like to call, Phantasia 5: Director's Cut. Which now has a new playable character, and changes to certain scenes in the game. I fixed a few of the problems that were in the game before and added a few new things as well.

I've wanted to release this since last year, but I got HEAVILY distracted by so many other things, like RPGMakerVXAce, been makin' a Pokémon Fangame lately, and slowly getting Phantasia 2 Redux worked on. But, I figured it's high time this game got released.

The game is... BIG! (lol, P2 is bigger, for obvious reasons, lol.) So, I sincerly doubt the higher ups would want a game this big entering the vault, but that's their call I guess, well, the game should be coming soon, I'll be posting a link to the game within' the next 24 hours.

Sorry for the very long wait. And hope to update you guys with some P2Redux news in the future.

Progress Report

P5 Blog #12 - P4 is finished. Anyone feel like testing?

Title says it all, anyone up for testing this old fossil? If anyone is interested just reply here and I'll send ya a link to the game.

If anyone who has played the original P4 knew of the mistakes that were constantly pissin' them off, well, I found a truckload of those mistakes... maybe. Well, if I didn't that's where you guys come in to finalize the un-wanted crap in the game.

A lot of characters got revamped as well, skills have changed for the whole lot better instead of just using attacks deal damage, a lot of the skills now have side effects.

Well, anyone up for testing lemme know.

Game Design

P5 Blog #11 - Going back to an older project.

So lately I've been poking around through some of my older projects and figured I'd give em' a go, and my god, no wonder people hated some of these games, even I don't know how to do some of this crap anymore, god damn I was relentless.

Well anyway, the game I'm mostly poking around with is Phantasia 4, I figured I'd go and update it with some of the terms used in P5 to make it match with my up to date story arch terms in regards to P5 and P2R, I want all my games to be connected in some way.

I also did a few name changes to make more sense, for example I'm changing Aerial to Ariel since that is the actual name not some retarded "Aerial Attack" or whatever.

If I keep up this idea til' I finish this, I may release this on RMN, and I have found a lot of mistakes that I was probably too proud, or stubborn to fix, but with age comes experience I always say, so I'm gonna try and get some more done on this before my attention draws elsewhere.

Note: IF anyone had any complaints about P4, now's the best time to tell me while I'm working on it, that way I can fix what I can find.


P5 Blog #10 - Phantasia 2 Redux Game Page coming soon.

Hey hey peeps of the RM Community, I have come with a little bit O news to share.

I have decided that I almost, and I do mean ALMOST have my entire battle system and game system to P2R is near finished, and in turn will also cover tons of more ground, the only big thing that the battle system that'd need to be covered now is the monster data base, then I can begin filling in empty spots in my mapping for my enemy sprites and I can hopefully release a demo... it seems like a complicated process I'm doing, but really, this way is a LOT more easier.

In short: I focused mostly on battle system, mapping and events, I didn't add a single monster party etc, and as soon as I get all of the battle system completed, I can begin with monster parties and monster attacks which sync with my battle system... I can't wait to try out this system on the hoards of darkness that I will create... er... strike through in this new installment, Ohhhh the excitement!

As for P5, due to me being heavily distracted on P2R, I'll place the game on hiatus for now, but I'll be getting back to it, I promise... and I don't make a lot of promises. The other reason why I've been distracted a lot lately is due to Pokemon Black... stupid addicting game... hey, if anyone wants to have fun battling me, lemme know, we can engage in fisticuffs, and that way I can learn more evil strategies with other pokes etc. :D

Anyway, that's all for now... back to the lab to continue workin' on stuff.
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