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You can't please everyone, but a lot of us seem to try it anyhow.
This is the deluxe edition of Eden Legacy: A Knight of Eden!

This port, or revamp of the original game features:

-Colour! All original chipsets, with a few updated character graphics
-Any bug fixes that will be found in the full release of the original
-Monster graphics (as this was a common complaint of the original)
-New areas
-Upgraded Battles
-Extra goodies sprinkled throughout dungeons
-A special director's cut feature
-Demo of Eden Legacy II: Children of Eden!
-Sneak Previews of SBester games in production

The purpose of this second edition is to appeal to a wider audience, fix any bugs that don't get reported until after the final release of the original, and to give me something else to do on the side of the sequel. I made a number of questionable or controversial graphical decisions with the original that some people were quite angered by. I hope to correct this problem by having an alternative for those who disagreed with my decisions.

The game will be released a couple months after the full release, just long enough that I can get some feedback on the original and correct some of the mistakes I've made. Don't think of this as a remake, it's totally not. It's simply an alternative for those who want one.

Latest Blog

Never believe my blogs.

Yeah... I got a little motivated today and ended up adding the dungeon that I said I wouldn't add because it would be too time consuming (to Eden Legacy II demo).

So... it's finished. At least, I'm pretty sure it is. I don't know how it plays with the new battle system, and quite frankly, I don't care to play it through for a fourth time to find out. So, with that said, run guinea pigs, run!

I'm going to zip it up, add one more thing to the original version, and the new downloads should be up either tonight or tomorrow.

Go me!
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  • 03/21/2010 11:09 PM
  • 12/20/2011 11:02 PM
  • 05/27/2010
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haha yep, the bug that I always forget to fix lol. I'll be fixing it for the next update, which will also fix the tutorial battle in the deluxe version (the monster pics are screwed).
Do you know who colorized those FFL tilesets?

...It was ME! That was a long time ago. I'm surprised and pleased to see them in use in a complete game. Downloading now.
It just says Installare RTPe exe. Please help?
I'll pm you with instructions, Winter9
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