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You can't please everyone, but a lot of us seem to try it anyhow.
This is the deluxe edition of Eden Legacy: A Knight of Eden!

This port, or revamp of the original game features:

-Colour! All original chipsets, with a few updated character graphics
-Any bug fixes that will be found in the full release of the original
-Monster graphics (as this was a common complaint of the original)
-New areas
-Upgraded Battles
-Extra goodies sprinkled throughout dungeons
-A special director's cut feature
-Demo of Eden Legacy II: Children of Eden!
-Sneak Previews of SBester games in production

The purpose of this second edition is to appeal to a wider audience, fix any bugs that don't get reported until after the final release of the original, and to give me something else to do on the side of the sequel. I made a number of questionable or controversial graphical decisions with the original that some people were quite angered by. I hope to correct this problem by having an alternative for those who disagreed with my decisions.

The game will be released a couple months after the full release, just long enough that I can get some feedback on the original and correct some of the mistakes I've made. Don't think of this as a remake, it's totally not. It's simply an alternative for those who want one.

Latest Blog

Never believe my blogs.

Yeah... I got a little motivated today and ended up adding the dungeon that I said I wouldn't add because it would be too time consuming (to Eden Legacy II demo).

So... it's finished. At least, I'm pretty sure it is. I don't know how it plays with the new battle system, and quite frankly, I don't care to play it through for a fourth time to find out. So, with that said, run guinea pigs, run!

I'm going to zip it up, add one more thing to the original version, and the new downloads should be up either tonight or tomorrow.

Go me!
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  • 03/21/2010 11:09 PM
  • 12/20/2011 11:02 PM
  • 05/27/2010
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These are just preliminary pics, I haven't done the actual transitions yet and won' t until the original is complete. Took a matter of seconds to convert these chipsets.

It's listed as on hiatus, but will go into production as soon as I release the full version.
I swear the last time I looked at this game there was no color...
Right you are, Guitaromancer!
That version is complete :)
To be honest, this may indeed be why I scored your first game so high, because I knew there were going to be special editions that would improve upon its foundation (in this case the foundation is the original game). Rarely do we get to see or play a game until its final form, and the way you've set this up is actually smart, because it allows people to comment about what they liked and disliked, which enables you to improve the later versions. Unfortunately, not very people liked the initial game, but it is what it is and I only compare this to games of its type.

To people who disliked the game and wondered why I reviewed it so high. Yes, it had its flaws, a few bugs and passability issues, and it does require a learning curve. Yes, I think the game could have built upon the story a little better, perhaps more than one box of text per person, and yes the ending run of the continent is brutal. But in the end, my review was solely based on whether or not I had fun, and Sbester's quick response to the suggestions we've all offered. But I agree, if I wasn't so biased on my own personal memories of older titles, I might not have enjoyed it as much, which is also why I say this game may not be for everybody.

If you really want to be realistic about it, I think the reason I liked it so much was because I viewed the original game as more of a demo that had potential verses the actual finished product. And seeing the other things added in the Deluxe (in addition to the possibility of a Director's Cut) I'm more inclined to view the Deluxe and the Director's Cut as the final piece once everything has been hashed out. I may be a bit more critical of the final piece, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it all the same.

I'm also interested in seeing what other titles are in store.
Exactly. The original version was just something I did for myself, in the most primitive and minimalistic fashion I could, while the new version is catered more towards the players. The main problem seems to be that the black and white aspects seemed to draw a lot more players than I had expected, who were looking for a Zelda type GB game. But for players like yourself, amerkevicius, I'm glad you were able to understand my vision and look forward to where it could go in the future.
I absolutely hate the name, it screamed "Let's copy every JRPG cliche! DURP!", but...damn it all, this actually looks cool. I've had a NES (and a Gameboy) ever since I was a kid, so this is automatically scoring points with me.

I have such a lousy user name because my last name is so long, but I always use it for everything so I don't have to try and think when signing in. Any case, Andrew is fine if it's easier.

Edit: I think I liked it better when I couldn't see the Arachnids. Spiders are my number one fear, and those guys look mean. Well, time to bring on the nightmares.
Reading your previous comment, shouldn't it be this game that scored high, and not the original one? I don't play that game though, so I can't really judge here. But this colored version looks sweet, I'm going to try it when it comes out.
I agree this looks to be the better version of the two. When I reviewed the previous game, I did so without considering the deluxe. I based that review solely on the fact that I had fun with it, and I really enjoyed it. Plus, level grinding was not too difficult, and gaining new skills kept me motivated. But you are correct, to some extent. There were glitches in there, and some things that might have been handled better, and being that it was not a game for everybody, I should have based part of the review on what an average player might think verses just a completely biased opinion.

This doesn't mean I'm contradicting my review, as I stand behind it 100%, and I still think that for a first time game Sbester went above what I traditionally see in a lot of others. And I still think the game is above average for the time period and console it was trying to immitate. However, 3.5 or 4 out of 5 may have been more appropriate for the first one, so that as he improves with his later titles (the Deluxe as well as part II) I have more room to also give a higher rating. As of now, it may be hard for me to truly give either the Deluxe or his second installment a fair rating. But at the same time, the Deluxe is just a small expansion of the first, so perhaps I'll play it and not rate it since I've pretty much covered the review of this game already, and just rate the second game when it comes out.

In any case, the comment that somebody made that my standards are not the standards of the rest of this community is rather arrogant. Just because the two games I've reviewed are high, doesn't mean I like anything that's been chucked out with RM. I've played quite a few stinkers as well. As a rule of thumb, though, I generally will know within the first few hours (and in some case the first few moments) on whether or not i will like the game. If I don't like it enough to attempt playing further, I just end up chucking it away and not bothering with a review. Perhaps I should start reviewing those games as well, I guess.

Edit: Another example could be the Dragon Fantasy Origins. The graphics looks to be rather primitive, but I'm excited to play it nonetheless because I grew up on these types of games. But in any case, a review should be based upon the time period it's impersonating. I'll try to keep that in mind for my next review, and take into consideration any glitches and gameplay that may disappoint other players, as long as other commentors respect not just my opinion, but the opinions of other players as well as the hard work that Sbester has put into making the game.

I for one, haven't made any games yet, but I recognize the hard work that it takes, and the courage to be able to post it for other people to play and review.

In any case, the comment that somebody made that my standards are not the standards of the rest of this community is rather arrogant.

Members here tend to say this on a regular basis in the forums. Try not to let it get to you, I think some of the users have the delusional sense that their RM exploits will lead to fame and fortune, and they take it way too seriously. My games will probably always lack the sort of polish that is expected here, for the reason that I just don't think like that. Any bugs found in my games can easily be fixed for a next version, or improved for future games.

I don't think about scoring too much, except not to be too harsh on a project. If I think something is too low then I'll just post my thoughts or pointers on their walls to try and help out. Reviewing for RM games shouldn't be trying to ward people away from games, but to provide useful feedback. I think that's what separates many reviewers on here. But this is a debate that comes up in the forums every week and leads to flaming, hating, and ultimately, a locked thread.
You the practice of self-promotion
I agree that there's no one RMN standard despite what some delusional people think. There's just a whole bunch of personal standards which may generally agree or disagree on occasion. They think that you by saying that you'll change your mind. When somebody either cared for or didn't for something, is unlikely anything will change their minds.

Regarding the ratings, there is no right or wrong scores, as long as they have the appropriate justification for them and both the good and the bad are mentioned so that the developer can address those issues in future versions of the game or projects. One thing I kept stressing is that the tone of the review has a lot to do with the reaction to the review itself. Also, a developer needs to be gutsy enough when releasing some to accept the good and bad reaction. Same thing with the reviewer. Don't be discouraged to post more reviews. You saw how when I pointed out to the critics that basically they were whiners not addressing particular issues, how they each reacted. That showed me a lot about each of them. In posting are review, you are just sharing an opinion of playing the game. Nobody will have your same experience exactly as you can. Regardless of whether anybody agrees with you completely or not, your opinion deserves to be respected, which all that unhealthy debate doesn't lead to.
Very true, and I suppose it works both ways as well. Some reviews blindingly praise a game with no real feedback, (although admittedly I'll take those ones anyway lol), and some are nitpicky as hell and cite minor bugs rather than pointing to one major aspect that really plagued the game. As long as you feel justified in the score you gave a game, and can defend it, I don't see why anyone should be able to tell you you're wrong or "not up to standards".
The Game Crashed When I tried to enter the very 1st Dungeon.

'Cannot open file Object2'
Damned rtp!
But thx for telling me, I know exactly what's wrong and I'll reupload it now.
Hmm, nice to see this is up. I have a question though,
is there enough content there to justify me playing through the whole game again?
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
Hmm, nice to see this is up. I have a question though,
is there enough content there to justify me playing through the whole game again?

From what I saw, it was just the color graphics and the developers room around Atlantis that talks briefly about Eden Legacy's long history and a display of the old world map, an arrow-puzzle that is supposedly from Eden Legacy 2, and some third thing.

It's no New Game+, but if you want to know a little extra about stuff, I guess that would be the point.
Corfaisus is right, if you've played through the whole original, there's not much point in playing it again. I didn't lol. I see it more as an alternative for people who didn't like the graphical style of the first, not an expansion. The demo is very short too, and while I tested it for EL2, I didn't test it in this particular demo version. I'm basically hoping for the best :P

Edit: I should probably mention the changed battle system, as it's been slightly tweaked. I'm looking for feedback on that in comparison to the original, as I may inlcude it in EL2.
I don't know, they both had their strengths and weakness. The original had an interesting setup to allow you to strategize and conserve your energy, but you couldn't see your enemies. Also, the very first command (something like "do nothing" or whatever it's called) was completely useless when you can do the same exact thing (which is to recoup your energy) by defending or using an item. In the deluxe, you can now see your enemies, and the energy system is there, but now instead of the "do nothing" we have a sort of dumbed down version of an attack that the player can always use in place of a skill that doesn't require energy, so now the battles become a bit too easy since a seasoned gamer is no longer required to strategize and think about their moves.

In my opinion, get rid of the first command completely. The attack-defend approach works fine without it, and forces the player to think about which skills to use. Besides, I never used the first command at all, and within a few level ups some of your weaker skills end up replacing that first command anyway.

For anybody who hasn't played, the battle system works like this (ignoring the useless first command). You choose a type of skill to execute (usually a type of attack, but could also be a field tactic as well, like attack up, defend down, heal, etc.). Depending on the skill you elect to use, you lose a certain amount of energy. Once your energy is depleted, you can't use certain skills. To recoup your energy you only have to use one of the other two commands (Defend or Item). Each time you use one of these options, the energy restores to the max. Early levels you will probably be needing to restore your energy at least once per battle, if not more. However, as you increase in levels, your energy also increases and only drops to a certain default. So in higher levels, you may only be able to use a higher skill once or twice before taking the time to restore your energy, but weaker skills may be used as often as needed since energy only drops so far.

Example: let's say I'm level 45, and my energy is maxed at 180 energy points (ep) and can only drop to 60. I use a skill that requires 110 ep, and now I have a remaining 70 energy points. Before I can use my 110 ep skill again, I'll either have to defend or use a healing item (or even an attack item if available) so that my ep is restored. However, if I have a skill that requires 55 ep I can use this continuously without penalty, since my ep won't drop below 60. That's a crude explanation, but since there doesn't seem to be one anywhere that I could see thought I'd include it here.

In my opinion, it truly is an interesting battle option, using energy instead of MP and MP restorative items. You can choose which skills to gain as you level up, which makes it seem more customized. The downside is that battles can be easy once you get the rhythm down, especially when you gain HP restorative skills that can be used continuously in and out of battle. But it does require a certain amount of strategy in the very early stages.
I definitely agree with you, although I'm not sure I could have implemented the EL2 demo properly without using the weak attack command instead of "do nothing". My hope is that it works a lot better for the second game, because you'll have a second character who (if you've chosen light class) won't be able to attack at all unless that command is there. However, I'm making it even weaker than in EL Deluxe, so that the hero is still forced into using strategy.

There are also a couple added bugs to the Deluxe Edition that I intend to resolve for the next release. Nothing major so far, just a couple screwed up monster graphic placements.

...I could open the menu in the intro.
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