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Never believe my blogs.

Yeah... I got a little motivated today and ended up adding the dungeon that I said I wouldn't add because it would be too time consuming (to Eden Legacy II demo).

So... it's finished. At least, I'm pretty sure it is. I don't know how it plays with the new battle system, and quite frankly, I don't care to play it through for a fourth time to find out. So, with that said, run guinea pigs, run!

I'm going to zip it up, add one more thing to the original version, and the new downloads should be up either tonight or tomorrow.

Go me!


Battles Upgraded

So I'm going to try something new for the battle system here. I just decided to do this last night for Eden Legacy II, but wasn't sure how well it would go over. So I'm implementing it into the Deluxe Edition to see if people like the idea.

Basically, it exchanges the DO NOTHING option in battles to a weaker attack, essentially replacing the first skills you acquire at levels 1, 5, and 20 with a basic attack (which will become stronger as you level up, just like in regular RPGs. I'm really not sure how well this will go over, as it somewhat renders my energy system useless in some respects, which is why I'm putting it in this Edition of the game. It will also make the transition into the Eden Legacy II demo a bit smoother, so that players aren't making the jump to something different and then right back into the older, decrepit system.

I also get the feeling that people are expecting this game to be much different than the original version. NOT TRUE. Sorry. I'm pretty much over this game, so this was a last minute decision to try and make it a little bit different for those who still somewhat expect it. Most of the changes are graphical, with a few director's cut features. Unfortunately, it seems like many people aren't understanding this, and hoping for something much different. It's not a remake, it's more like a port.

All of the balance improvements and leftover glitches have been fixed for both this edition and the original, and they will be released on the same day.


Eden Legacy II Beta Demo

Why post this here? Because, of course, this will be included in the Deluxe Edition! It will be pretty rough, but I hope to make it lengthy enough that it is worth putting in.

I've decided NOT to include the intro portion of the game, and instead, place the player directly into the meat of the game. This means you will begin by choosing your companion, and continue from there to the second dungeon (or to the first if you'd like to waste your time on easy enemies).

Anyways, it is due to this decision that the release is being pushed back to the end of May. I am hoping against an early June release.


Moving Ahead

One more sprite set to colourize and I'm done with the conversion.

I included a special CHEAT House on Pangea's overworld (the house you can't access in the original version), which has 3 heavy cheats for players who like that sorta stuff. The cheats are: Level 50, Max Health, and Max Gold. I contemplated quite a few different ones, but these, I felt, were most fitting for the sort of game it is.

The theater offers some very special features for fans who went through the trouble of beating the original, and somehow slugging their way through this Deluxe version as well.
a) A Director's Cut
b) A Sneak Preview of the new projects I've been working on (yes, even the ones I haven't made RMN game pages for yet).
c) A Beta demo of Eden Legacy II.

The director's cut will explain how the game surfaced after 11 years of contemplation, and the various stages it went through before I ultimately decided to remake it in RM2K. The sneak preview isn't anything special, but it will talk about some of the surprise games I've been working on, including a translation of a very popular French RM game.

The beta demo of EL2 will be very rough, and will probably only feature the first dungeon of the game (which I am working on right now).

After I'm done with that, I'll add a couple of new skills to the game and it's ready to go. I'm still wondering about adding another dungeon to the world map... we'll see. I want an early June release so it depends how quickly I can work.


It has begun!

Hadn't realized there were no blogs here yet. Anyhoo, I have yet to have any constructive feedback from the original release on what should be included in this version, so here is your opportunity to help me out with it! The only thing I've really heard since releasing the 1.1 version is that it's good. A few times. But seriously, there have to be many things you'd like changed for this Edition, right?

I did a chipset overhaul which took about 20 mins to finish the entire game. Now I'm struggling with finding some 8bit monster graphics that suit the game, and after that I'll be colouring our happy character sets. A couple new areas will be added, possibly a new dungeon as well for some new secret items... This is where I need some feedback.

I don't know how much time I'll be spending on RM games while I'm on my 3 week holiday... in the 4 days I've been free I've spent about... well... the 20 mins it took me to add colour. It's purrty though... It is my hope that I'll release it before June... in fact, if that doesn't happen then I'll be really surprised and appalled.
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