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You take the role of Captain Maloneum, the famous adventurer, who sails the galaxy from one dimension to another, seeking adventures. During this adventure, however, you have it quite unclear what has happened: All that you know is that you have lost your memory and woken up inside your own dream, to be greeted by an elder man standing on a small island...

The game takes place in a material dimension which acts as a varying, but crossroad between multiple material and few ethereal dimensions. Meaning the lands can first be quite calm medieval castles and humble wooden buildings, while the neighboring town is rolling with nuclear power and and modern technology.

Other main characters besides Captain Maloneum are optional to get to your party, though they all add color and possibilities to the gameplay. To put them stereotypically, one of them is ranged weapon user, one is offensive mage, one is rogue-style.

In addition, each of the playable characters and major locations of the game have different endings, depending on your actions during the gameplay. Most of these are only attainable with special abilities of the optional party members. Though the endings don't affect the game itself in any way (Well, because the game has ended by the time you get them) but they are something to add to the replay and fun value. Oh, and on a sidenote: If you take this game seariously, you have lost the game!

-Levels from 1 to 20
-4 different characters
-Play time 1-3 days
-Multiple endings

Reviewers say:

-1/5 starts
-"It looks better than it is."

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Play time 1-3 days?????
I like when projects are posted after they're complete.
I'm gonna play this.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
this has the best name
Who the hell needs a title as long as that for an RPG?
I actually enjoyed this game way more than I should have. Couple questions though; Where do you find the key to the frozen tundra area, and is there any way to get the Void Demon girl back after her scene at the temple with that half-elf guy?
Oh wow... Sorry, it has literally been years since I last checked in on this, even now just happened to stumble on it. In case you ever read this, here's the answer. Also, spoiler warning, because answering that question reveals plot points.


The tundra area only has a skippable side-boss, nothing lost there. But you have to do certain things in very speficic order and skip doing others completely. If I remember right, you need Zhiguli in her normal form to pick the lock, then gotta go all the way back to other side of world map to mutate her to half-lizard, so she can break down a boulder behind the locked door. Also you can't let Lane nor Ygmiar leave the party at this point just yet, because their skills are also needed to remove other objects on the way to the boss. Yeah, this is one of the things by which I wanted to give credit to some weird shit in older RPGs that some of them had, in the "how the hell I was supposed to figure that out?"-compartment.

Also, there is no way to get the Void Demon girl back after she leaves at the temple. Each of the side-characters have their good/bad ending tied to your actions during the course of the game and you get the good endings for them if you manage to trigger events that cause the side characters to leave the party permanently before the final boss.


Wow, nice that someone managed to play the game past the Dursville area. This was the first game I ever made and I started doing it from the Dursville-starting area, so as I learned how to use new things, the game progressively became better after you leave Dursville.

So if some of you who played the game and quit before getting to the big world map area, give it another chance, it gets better after that. =)

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