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- 4.5 - 16 hours of gameplay (no cut scenes, just action) or in 1 player's case 21 hours!!
- side areas that have secrets, and equipment exclusive to those that find them
- Branching quest paths with different outcomes
- Multiple recruits for your party (after the 1st quest)
- make your own party
- 16 playable classes
- Bestiary
- big and challenging bosses and mini bosses. diverse arrays of enemies
- Learn basic skills from equipment
- Skills branch off and become greater as you USE THEM
- Creatures have levels just like you do
- Chase down enemies, run from them or sneak past them
- ever changing battles that make you think and adapt
- Replayability (I have gone through the game 25 times with plenty of different parties and still felt it was fresh)
- Challenging yet forgiving gameplay
- mining, processing and forging
- become a vampire (or vampire hunter class)
- become an outlaw hunted by guards that will chase you when they spot you
- potion brewing
- codes / passwords that you collect in the game and then use them when you are done. thus adding to replayability

- Fragmasters
- Treasure Hunters
- Naval Gazers
- Tourists

Yanfly -> Majority of Scripting 50%
KGC -> Majority of Scripting 40%
Modern Algebra -> Tangeant Script
Modern Algebra -> Skill Teaching
Eternal Symphony -> Stat Increase By Job
Dangor -> Advanced Title Screen

ShortStar -> almost everything
Craze -> 1 cave map / 1 shrine

NO you can use previous saves from v2 and v2B and 2C and 2D.

If you have saves from 2E, 2F, 2G, and 2H they work with 2I.

This is not a major update, so if you have 2D, you do not need 2I.

Current Version = 2K

- New small village to the south of Eraki.
- 10 new quirky weapons
- New status ailments include, burnt, numb, shocked, drowning, burrial, suffocation, shine and posessed.
- New skills to act accordingly.
- New more powerful skills with risk or rewardish system.

FIXEDin V2I ---
- If you jump down the second tier in the first cave after beating it, you can get out now.

ADDED in V2H ---
- After a battle, you now have 1 second of invulnerability / immunity to average enemies. You can plow through them without having to fight them. There is a note telling you too.
TWEAKED in V2H ---
- Lullaby is less effective. Most enemies that use it now use it slightly less.
TWEAKED in V2H ---
- Wind Spirits now attack more. Peaches have slightly more attack power. Guardian Angels have less starting MP.
TWEAKED in V2H ---
- Notebook transparency.
ADDED in V2H ---
- If you've already put out the fires at the first tower and exit the tower, you can select to visit the top or start at the bottom.
ADDED in V2H ---
- In the first tower, enemies are blocked by invisible walls to prevent bottlenecking.

]ADDED in V2G ---
- Enemies drop more things to aide you.
]ADDED in V2G ---
- A new shop to use some of those things and make new items.
]ADDED in V2G ---
- A powerful, yet vulnerable class called "creepy girl"

TWEAKED in V2F ---
- Doorways will now be passages and not doorways.
TWEAKED in V2F ---
- Fire now has a note popup when you run into it for the first time. It tells you walking into fires is bad, and it damages you and you need blue potions to restore your health.
TWEAKED in V2F ---
- Statements and notes about how you can avoid enemies on the map to avoid battles.

TWEAKED in V2E ---
Dogs & Cats don't make their noises unless you talk with them.
TWEAKED in V2E ---
Brighter house interiors in the daytime.
TWEAKED in V2E ---
People playing pianos have a fixed direction when you talk with them.
TWEAKED in V2E ---
Removed the hide ability from low level equipment, because when you hide and you're alone it counts as death.
TWEAKED in V2E ---
Note sends you to Creall at the armory instead of Creall.
TWEAKED in V2E ---
Tear sheets stay up.
TWEAKED in V2E ---
Time passes by 2x slower.
TWEAKED in V2E ---
You are now restricted to certain areas until you get your party.

FIXED in V2D ---
In a mine south east of Eraki, there were falling boulders, which should not have been there at all. They are now removed. These rocks were a game stopper, because you could get blocked in.
UPDATED in V2D ---
There is also a sign to warn people about the mine cart. It is very glitchy if you try to move while you are riding it. So there is a sign specifically warning and reminding the player.

FIXED in V2C ---
In the ice cave, there was this thing that look like a sword apparently on the floor on the third room (where the blue chests are). When I got to it, not only I couldn't pick it up, but the graphic was actually over my hero's sprite as if it where floating!
FIXED in V2C ---
In the Hosts' den, I found the chest with the electric guitar, but couldn't find the way to get out of that area.
FIXED in V2C ---
- Also, in the castle, I noticed a few scrolls on the first floor (the two on the left hand size outside the walls, one in the top right corner room) that can't be picked up. Is it a bug?
FIXED in V2C ---
- Also, I found the ice cave. I got into the second room but once I opened one of the blue chests it threw me out.
FIXED in V2C ---
- In the second screen of the mountains, there's this treasure chest and a flashing star near the bottom of some small waterfalls. You can walk across once to get near them, but if you try to do it again you can't reach these treasures.
FIXED in V2C ---
- I found where Craze's shrine the problem is when you try to leave. Anyway you go to leave the shrine, you here footsteps sounds as if you were leaving but remain in the shrine.
FIXED in V2C ---
- When you talk to the lady that sells the items, you get a new note in the Notebook called "Catagories". Since you don't have them anymore for the items nor the spells, it is no longer applicable.
FIXED in V2C ---
- If you talk Enem more than once at the beginning, he can either block the doorway or, worse yet, cause the game to freeze. I actually had seen this one for your demo, but forgot to mention it.
FIXED in V2C ---
- Remember the switch to the right of the first stairwell of the tower? If you flip it, it causes the game to get stuck.

FIXED in V2B ---
- Mining freezes the game for 30 seconds when you mine at the same place twice.

FIXED in V2 ---
- Another Bug: The first switch in the tower malfunctions upon it's second and third use. Just see for yourself.
FIXED in V2 ---
- In the first dungeon, if you go back to talk to the guy who asks you for a splint he will heal you but his picture remains on the screen even after you move to another map area. This is highly disconserting and makes it very hard to play the game as it takes up almost half the screen.
FIXED in V2 ---
- Also, both "Cure Orb" and "Heal Orb" at the beginning give a heal orb.
FIXED in V2 ---
- I'd like to report a bug: No matter how many times I used an equipment ability, and no matter how many kills I got with them, they never get any CP (It was in the first dungeon, if that matters).
- a graphical issue: in the indoors, anywhere you have a doorway, you extended the wall, so that when you walk into the room you appear to be walking across a wall; you should change that all those tiles from wall to floor.
FIXED in V2 ---
- heal is described as "Attack Mind +20" (this is definitely wrong!)
FIXED in V2 ---
- there are items that you get either from the treasure chests, flashing stars or as drops after fights that once you check don't seem to be added to the inventory (I'm not sure about whether it happens after fights)
FIXED in V2 ---
- when you get some items from treasure chests or flashing stars, it will be saying you're getting 0 (item name), when you are actually getting 1 of them (I'm not sure about whether it happens with the flashing stars)
- sometimes even though the story has advanced, the NPCs will start their conversation by saying the some of the same things as before, before saying the new dialogue (ex. the mayor, after you go to talk to him after rescuing the brothers)
- in the menu to buy equipment, you can't see the effect of equipping new equipment for the 4th party member (I got around this by moving that switching my party to move the member to the 2nd or 3rd slots, which is very inconvenient!)

Latest Blog

10,000+ downloads and the idea generator

Yeah its that time again. 10,000+ downloads for this game. Totally not worth your downloads, trust me.

But what is worth your time.... I made idea generators :-)


And an article on designing your first game.

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You the practice of self-promotion
Hey Linkis, I was actually the one who played for 21+ hours and I was not offended at all by SS mentioning it. He was trying to acknowledge my willingness to pretty much comb through every tile of every map and try all the available options of his open-ended game. I considered it an honor for him to mention it. I liked the game enough to invest the time to do it. In a sense, it was his unofficial beta-tester.

While I might be among the older RMN members who actually plays the games here, I am nowhere near 55 nor am I feeble, yet. You had your fun, time to move on ... Don't let the Vampire Dust hit you on the way out.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
sounds impressive ill check this one out :D
Hello, excuse me, but I was wondering if it would be possible for you to add the capability to solo-run this game. I mean, don't get me wrong, this game is exquisitely crafted and I am pleased to see how the various classes mesh together to create various different parties, each with their own strengths and weaknesses and so and so forth, but I feel that the experience is incomplete without the option to do a solo run. You understand, yes? It's one of those self-imposed challenges, taking a single character and trying to run through the game with him alone. I mean, looking at things from your point of view, I can see why you would impose a restriction to prevent the player from moving forward with a party, because you insist on immersing the player in the experience of constructing, equipping, and fleshing out their own party, battling with it, watching it grow to become truly formidable, and that is indeed admirable, but it also sacrifices the freedom of the player to accomplish. I personally, can see no harm in allowing the player to do a solo-run if they so choose, aside from the no-doubt imposing level of difficulty they will likely encounter, of course, but them's the breaks for a challenge of this nature. I mean, there IS a certain satisfaction for playing through a game using one and only one character alone. You could've brought backup, you could've heeded the words of the mayor, caved in and got some companions, but no, you didn't listen to them, you never quit, you didn't take the "easy way out", and just look at you now! So, whaddaya say?
Yeah 1 party member instead of 4. I can make that happen for you probably.
Ah, the man himself, firstly, I would like to sincerely thank you for this great game, secondly, I must remark on how quickly your response was, like lightning in fact, thirdly, I must remark that I was NOT expecting this conversation to go in this direction so easily, I was certain that the discussion would boil down into a heated discussion (read: argument) about the intricacies of intelligent game design and the role of the freedom of choice to the player in the grand scheme of things, I was certainly not expecting this. In any case, might I inquire as to how you intend to accomplish this, I mean, if it's not too much trouble, of course.
I thank you for playing it far enough to care. I've been back in the forum after taking some time off for a few years. If people want things added, I do add them for the most part.

The simple way to accomplish it is just to opt out of making 4 characters. In other secret games I've done in the past, now I just have a place where you can gather or dump party members, so if you wanted to do 1 at a time, you could, but if suddenly you say want 4 party members, then you're not restricted. Or if you want 4 and then suddenly want 1 that is optional.

Currently, I am on a trip and the game files are on a home PC until Monday. It should be easy to do.

There is no intelligent game design here, i think that I made this game over 3 weeks or 3 months. Something quick like that. Plus I love giving the player freedom of choice. That has always been my motif. Why lock a player into something when you can present them with a variety of things to play with. I know myself I don't like playing as a thief, but someone out there likes it. And playing with 1 character is really a player choice that I had neglected in Epiquest.
Somewhere in the first cave I think.

I have a question. How many time do I have to use the orbs to learn the skill?
For example, I've been using "Confuse Orb" 305 times, and leveled probably 10 times, but still if I unequip it, I loose the skill.

I've been enjoying the game so far, but now I'm totally stuck. I got the right side of the medallion from Ice Cave, and I think, I need the boat from west side to go to the Castle. The boat guy on west side wants something rare, I think he wants the painting. I have no idea how to get the painting, and the guy from Academy wants that painting too. I wish there were a walkthrough for this game, because I sure want to continue playing.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!
Whenever I look up a monster in the bestiary and look up their elemental affinities, the symbols (in the form of mushrooms, gems, different colors of oval shapes and different sizes of bubbles) confuse me.
At first the yellow oval seems to represent thunder and the charcoal grey oval represents darkness.
But after a fight with a scamp (whose weakness is ice) and a magifire (whose weakness is water,) it seems that the yellow oval actually represents ice and the charcoal grey oval represents water.

What does each of the symbols represent individually?
Hi, i love your game, but after i defeat Mick the host i can't go futher because the ballon don't work and they constantly ask to save, i'm going crazy because is the second time i download and play the game! I've read all the reviews, but i don't find a solution.
Please help me, i really want finish the game >_<
Sorry for the poor english
I've been enjoying the game so far, but now I'm totally stuck. I got the right side of the medallion from Ice Cave, and I think, I need the boat from west side to go to the Castle. The boat guy on west side wants something rare, I think he wants the painting. I have no idea how to get the painting, and the guy from Academy wants that painting too. I wish there were a walkthrough for this game, because I sure want to continue playing.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Take to the guy in the Academy that wants the painting and agree to help him...but your not really going to give him the painting ^_^. Now go to the house with the painting anf offer the son of the house(upper left cornner room)5000, he will meet you outside with the painting(exit the house go right a lil then down you should see him) then take the painting to the guy with the boat. Btw once you have that boat there is a old shrine hidden in the forest, you'll get a cool weapon there ^_^
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
One of my first RPGs from this site ever, and I dare say, it's one I'm about to go back to soon. In fact, re-downloading it in a minute or two~
Hello, this seems like a very interesting game!
are you doing anything about the bug.
at the top of the tower.
Hello, I have been playing your games recently and to be honest, I love it. The characters' images are good and the battle scenes are well done too. But I have this problem which makes me very tired and frustrated. I hope you can guide me through this part or I will be too "scared" to pick it up again.

I have been explored a tower in the north lately, and I made it to the top floor. There, an angel told me that she lost her harp in the flame and no water could put out that fire. I have tried to touch the flame (I thought that's the only way) in order to get that harp out but in return, I lost health and no harp. I have wandered through the map again and discovered there was a place I couldn't get in because of the spike which I didn't know how to make it disappear. I even went to the first floor and try to turn the switch down there but it didn't work.

Please tell me how to get through this part. I really loves your game and I don't want to give it up so early.