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These lucky few are versitile with a wide selection of weapons, including legendary gear that no one else can use. The title of hero must be bestowed from someone of importance for doing a heroic deed. They have fair resistance to all status ailments and they have balanced stats.

Fighters are your basic front line fighting, armored types. They are easily sleeped and very easily poisoned. This is how the wild monsters of the land get through the armor. With their high attack power, they have low spirit and average defense underneath all that armor.

Kill them all! With a high attack power and high HP, these crazy Barbarians have low agility and spirit. They are easily confused and berserked, but they can endure any sleep spell. Swords, hammers and clubs are all the weapons of choice, while they can only wear boots, clothes, bracers and circlets for armor.

Black Belts
These martial artists are great with their hands and unconventional weapons. They use claws, throwing stars and other things. Their equipment is limited to gis, shoes and a few other humble things. With high agility, and low defense, these attackers stay in the middle row. The only weakness they have is to poison.

Black Belts are very diverse fighters, they can use claws that deal dual damage, but they can also use throwing weapons like daggers and stars. It is rare to stop one of them, because even with the ATK down status that would cut their attack power to 50%, they can still throw stars and daggers with 100% attacks, because the throwing skill is based on agility, which Black Belts have a lot of.

With low defense and spirit, these agile thieves stick to the back of the pack. They have resistance to poison and use knives, daggers, bows and boommerangs to rob their foes. They can equip an array of clothes, bandannas, cloaks, boots, sandals, masks and bracelets.

Thieves are similar to Black Belts, because they can use throwing weapons. It makes them tough to stop, because even if their high agility is being drained, to keep them from throwing high damage daggers, they can still fight with dual weapons.

These well rounded characters stick to the rear of the pack and use spears, bows, knives and boommerangs to hunt their prey. They are strong to the darkness of blind magic and wear a small assortment of clothes, tunics, boots and caps.

Because Hunters can use bows, they need to load them with arrows. Arrows of course cost money, but they do more damage than normal weapons. Any character with a bow can learn the scan skill, along with other bow related skills. Most of the skills afflict status ailments like poison, silence and paralysis. Of course you need to use the skills enough to earn new skills.

The spider of the party system branches out in head spinning directions. Early in a Magician's career, there is not much diversity, but later on they can branch off and learn skills from the different elements like FIre, Ice, Terra, Dark and others. Then from there the skills branch out, but the mage is limited to a single element. You can cover all the elements if you want, but it will take time to master them all.

While they are weak in terms of HP, they are strong in spirit and MP. They have a weakness to sleep and can use rods, knives, daggers, cloaks, clothes, hats and masks. The cloak is a powerful cover that will gain back mana in battle. Cloaks are not just for Magicians, Heroes, Thieves and other classes can use them as well!

The healers are not attackers. Their strength is weak, but their spirit is high along with their MP. They can use staves, clubs, bows, robes, orbs and circlets to learn skills like Heal, Remedy, Cure, Raise, and various blessings. They are also fairly rounded when it comes to immunity from status ailments.

Their only real attack power comes from the weaponsthey use. With the bow, it makes them dangerous, but also hinders their magical power to bennefit the party.

Greys is a very diverse class. They can use healing magic like the Healer and harmful magic like the Magician. Not only that, but they can use swords, knives, bows, rods and staves, which makes them very versitile. In terms of equipment, they can wear cloaks, clothes, robes, cats, tunics, and so on. There are two major weaknesses though, sleep and silence.

Oh and to provent them from growing too powerful too fast, they have low EP, which means they cannot equip everything they want. Players will have to make a choice, good equipment vs good magic. Depending on what the need is for your party, they will fit a niche nicely.

These lovely ladies are a combination of a Grey (red mage from Final Fantasy 1) and Black Belt. They use claws, whips, dresses, gowns, cat suits, long boots and they can use damaging magic. They are strong to sleep and weak to paralysis, because they love bondage and what mistress goes to sleep?

They have high HP and agility, but poor ... well I forget what they are poor at...

While they are very versitile, they are either attackers or mages. They are not attack mages until later. What I mean by that is you can either equip good weapons or equip magic.

Will be posted later.

Larks and Musicians are very similar. They can both play the same instruments, but the larks rely on spirit, which makes them withstand magic spells. While they are weak attack wise, and easily silenced, the larks can sing and cause status effects for very minimal mana. They also have hidden powers in their weapons that may not do much damage, but they make music to soothe the savage beast.

They are the more femminine of the two, so while they may be very similar, Larks wear cat suits, dresses and gowns, much like the Mistress. Those three things raise the spirit and give them some unique skills that only the mistress would have under normal circumstances.

Musicians differ from Larks, because they can use wind instruments like horns and flutes. They have little in the way of spirit, but make up for it with high agility. Their attack strength is not very low like the Larks and the damage from instruments is still based on attack.

These rowdy teenagers are tough to affect with statuses. They are overall under achievers when it comes to stats. However, they can use unconventional weapons like boomerangs and slingshots. They can also use knives, clubs and bats. While they are not strong stats wise, they do have the ability to change classes.

Creepy Girl
The creepies are girls found in the wild that have very low stats, but have very powerful magic that they channel through their beloved teddy bears (or other stuffed animals). They literally cannot attack without magic, but as a plus, they can throw tantrums. They are very limited to defense and stats.