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Zeldaish Side Project

I notice that Epiquests gains and loses subscribers.

Anyway, Epiquest is still officially done. I've done a lot of work to extend it past the finishing point, but I think with people not being able to complete the first dungeon, its pretty pointless to extend the game past where it ends. So I've gone onto a similar yet different project. This is a very Zeldaish game and no it will not have any Zelda sprites.

There has been a lot of feedback about Epiquest having too many battles. I've done plenty of tweaks to stop people from complaining. However, I've taken other positive feedback, like increase room size. While I can't do that in Epiquest, I can do that for the new game "Zeldaish."

I've plotted out the entire game. 8 "palaces," each with a different element and item. Each item found in the palace will help you not only defeat certain enemies, but complete puzzles within. Oh as well as get to the next game area. Things like the Pegasus Boots that will enable you to run (big deal) and a stop watch to temporarily slow down time so you can get past enemies. A lantern that will damage or frighten enemies as well as help with puzzles and seeing in the map itself.

Speaking of getting past enemies, I've got 16 different kinds of map enemies with different traits. In Epiquest, there was really only one kind of map enemy. The dark ghosts that would mostly randomly float around. In this game there will be:
- Slimes (that run from you when you're close)
- Ghosts (that float randomly and can sense when you're near)
- Jumping Skeletons
- Orcs (that chase you when they see you and don't stop)
And so on.

There are big rooms in each palace to evade, chase or flee from enemies. Some enemies chase when they see you, others sense you. Each palace room is a screen like Zelda 1, only more detailed than your average RPG Maker room that fills up a screen. I'm done with about 6 of the 8 palaces.

Like Epiquest, when you get touched by an enemy, it will open up a battle and there will be specific ways to take out each enemy. Like with bats, you need to use a jump attack ability or an upward thrust. Boss characters will also have weak points, mostly the head, but going for certain parts of a boss will have lesser chance of actually hitting the boss. Sometimes it creates side effects too.

I'm also making this game a little backward from normal traditions. I'm making the palaces first, then the other battle areas (caves / forest / canyons / shrines) to get to the palaces. Then the towns and finally the overworld. That would probably end up making more sense. Only the palaces are done in screens like Zelda, perhaps the other areas will be as well, strictly because there is more room to manuver around and avoid enemies on the map.

Finally, like Epiquest, you will get to pick your party right at the start, because that's what makes a good game. Making a character at the start. Sims, Tony Hawk, Dragon Quest... we all love picking stuff. Party members will have skills that help with puzzles too.