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Almost 8,000 downloads and 40 subscribers

Sure that number is nothing compared to some of the other games, but this game has long outlived me. I will die and people will still download this game and beat it. Anyway, I have been getting the itch to continue making the game, but I'm sure I've said that dozens of times when I still haven't finished my other game DungeonQuest.

I did continue it... but I painted myself into a corner when you go to an ice world and help demons. Even parts where you need to divide your party into 2 groups of 3. The feel of the ice planet sucked though so that part is stuck in limbo. I even made a sequil of it where I made the mistake of having open areas and hundreds of on screen enemies that made it slow and sluggish.

From mapping for other people, and just randomly mapping, I have dozens of towns and other maps just laying around and I remember how it only took a month to make this entire game while it has taken several months to make other games that I feel less fond about.

Maybe I should just start copying and pasting into this game. Maybe I should just keep it going piece by piece like the Winchester House. Since there is no real story, I could just keep it going on and on. No one that has written me seems to mind there is no story.

The bottom line though is I want to continue it for the people who play and subscribe and randomly write me questions on what to do and where to go. The fact that people still play this blows my mind.

Thank you downloaders and players :-)

Here's something else. 2 dungeons in 4 hours takes 4 minutes to run through with no enemies >>


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Yes continue this beast. Cant really have to Epiq of a quest. Hmm that joke ran smoother in my head. As for a story, Id say simply living here in this world, choosing what to do, is the main quest.
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