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32,000 views and 2,000 downloads

One month later, I have twice the views and almost twice the downloads. Wow. Of course that's kind of misleading because I've had a few different versions between last month and now. Thanks for downloading :-)


25,000 views, 1,300 downloads and looking to the future

So far for V3 there are 2 towns, 1 new continent, 1 castle, 3 battle areas and 1 big puzzle area to demonstrate part switching. There are 40 new weapons and 60 new equippables in shops. Two new minerals and ores. There are 2 new characters to join your party, and one valuable new class "Blue Mage," which will allow you to learn skills from enemies.

The towns have plenty of detail and they are uniquely unlike anything else from any RPG that I know of.

The game also balloons from 114 maps to 245 . The new continent is about the same size as the original continent, just with less to do... for now. I should probably go back to my old method of just adding stuff here and there instead of one giant update.

Things are going by very slow. V3 probably will not be out for a few months.


V2E is up

Saves from 2D and earlier do not work in 2E I do not consider this to be a big update, so if you have 2D already, do not get 2E, because it will mess up your save file.

- Someone on another forum went through and nitpicked the game, so I fixed them.
- V2E is up.

1: Remove the SE from the cat on player touch and make it only if player activates. It's annoying as hell when you touch or push into and it plays like 4 times in a row. Mega echo.
- Fixed, but cats don't wait for you to talk to them.
2: Fix the very very first door in the entire game. You can walk over the ceiling tile. Just make that tile an event and place it above the player so that the player can only walk under it.
- People complain about this a lot, I like it how it is.
3: Fix the dog just outside of the house for the exact same reason as #1. Just don't do that.
- Fixed. A dog sees you and runs to you sets up a new mechanic that you'll use later in the game.
4,5,6+ : Just fix all your doors and animals and anything that does stuff on player touch.
- ok
132: Hah, you have way too many people in that pub to begin with. There aren't even enough houses in this starter town for all of them + everyone outside.
- Yet each one of them has valuable information for you.
133: Turn ON direction fix for the event of the woman playing the piano in the pub.
- Fixed! Wow a real bug! Thanks :-)
134: haha, You die instantly if you use Hide in battle and you have no party members. Ought to fix that asap.
- Yeah that's a serious issue, let me fix that. Actually there's no real way to fix it other than flat out removing it. So I'm removing it for low level items. Removed.
135: There's no one in the pub corresponding to that note that's tacked on the wall outside of it. So no way to actually get a job there...
- Fixed, The note sends you Creall, but I will send you to Creall at the armory...
136: Your indoor maps dim way too much, I don't see why they need dimmed at all, it doesn't add a single to the player's experience in your game.
- Nitpick. Fixed. Now it is only -51 darkness when its night time. However, When you walk into a house in general it gets dark before picture windows.
137: Mapping errors on the map at that Tent Camp thing on the world map just west of the starting town. Look at the trees.
- Those are stub trees 1 tile high. But if they look wrong, I can just replace them.
138: Your day/night system is way too fast... like 2 minutes between dawn and dusk...
- Time passes by steps ala Dragon Quest 3. You must be running, which is fine, I'll just make it require more steps. It is now double.
139: Your BGM continues to play after exiting the 'secret' inn tile in that forest area on the world map south west of the starting town. Fuck. It continues to overplay on top of EVERYTHING.
- Strange, because when you enter the overworld map it switches the music and changes the BGS to silence.

I stopped playing. You can't do anything without a weapon - there's no quests, you don't start with a weapon, you get money anywhere to get a weapon, you die before you can actually do damage to anything because you start with shitty things. There's no direction in the game yet either. More bugs, but this midnight/twilight/sleeping music from that inn on the world map is getting very annoying.
- You get the first weapon on the first quest. You find the first quest by finding Creall at the armory.

- Fixed the tear sheets. They are no longer tear sheets.

- I'll get to the other things that have been piling up from other forums and upload a new version.

There's a huge problem with the game, as far as v V2D is concerned.
The 'mandatory' quest, the one that turns you class into hero, is not really mandatory :\
I have played like 5 times from the start because i wasn't able to find any way to become strong enough to fight ANY battle.
You cannot hire team if your teenager, yet you can roam the map and enter into fights and LOSE horribly...

Please due something to Highlight the importance of the Goblin Quest after the Deliver Boots is finished !

- Fixed, now you are restricted and must have a party.


V2D is up and fun news

V2D is now active. The only real change is in the grey mine southeast of Eraki village.

Now that you’ve had 4-16 or 21 hours to get familiar with your party and Epiquest, I am going to make it more interesting. Most RPGs have you searching to find your lost father or relative, I am going to make this about finding your lost party. There are 19 playable characters (some are hidden), but there can only be 4 members to party, so the rest of them just collect dust.

There will be a major party and a minor party. Although both parties do become major, but your original party of 4 will search for a way home, while your new party of 4 will search for the original party. You can flip between both parties.

To get the player’s feet wet in this concept, the original party will temporarily be divided and given 2 new characters. So it will be 2 parties of three, before they rejoin. The 2 parties will help each other with switches that open gates for their counterpart.

Once the original party merges again, they will be stuck a great distance away, and it is up to the player to make both parties find one another. You can either play party A the entire way to get to party B, or play party B the entire way to party A, or play both parties halfway and have them meet wherever you want.

Each party has its own recruits, items and so on. It will be beautiful and an epic odyssey, going far away from home, and or coming back.


V2C is up and active

Thanks to Ed! V2C is already up and active :-) In fact it already has 22 downloads!

--- yes your saves work!

Current Version = 2C

FIXED in V2C ---
In the ice cave, there was this thing that look like a sword apparently on the floor on the third room (where the blue chests are). When I got to it, not only I couldn't pick it up, but the graphic was actually over my hero's sprite as if it where floating!
FIXED in V2C ---
In the Hosts' den, I found the chest with the electric guitar, but couldn't find the way to get out of that area.
FIXED in V2C ---
- Also, in the castle, I noticed a few scrolls on the first floor (the two on the left hand size outside the walls, one in the top right corner room) that can't be picked up. Is it a bug?
FIXED in V2C ---
- Also, I found the ice cave. I got into the second room but once I opened one of the blue chests it threw me out.
FIXED in V2C ---
- In the second screen of the mountains, there's this treasure chest and a flashing star near the bottom of some small waterfalls. You can walk across once to get near them, but if you try to do it again you can't reach these treasures.
FIXED in V2C ---
- I found where Craze's shrine the problem is when you try to leave. Anyway you go to leave the shrine, you here footsteps sounds as if you were leaving but remain in the shrine.
FIXED in V2C ---
- When you talk to the lady that sells the items, you get a new note in the Notebook called "Catagories". Since you don't have them anymore for the items nor the spells, it is no longer applicable.
FIXED in V2C ---
- If you talk Enem more than once at the beginning, he can either block the doorway or, worse yet, cause the game to freeze. I actually had seen this one for your demo, but forgot to mention it.
FIXED in V2C ---
- Remember the switch to the right of the first stairwell of the tower? If you flip it, it causes the game to get stuck.


Epiquest - the videos

Hmmm embedding does not seem to work...

I made a pair of videos.


Epiquest V2B is up!


82 MB

- 4.5 - 16 hours of gameplay (no cut scenes, just action)
- side areas that have secrets, and equipment exclusive to those that find them
- Branching quest paths with different outcomes
- Multiple recruits for your party (after the 1st quest)
- make your own party
- 16 playable classes
- Bestiary
- big and challenging bosses and mini bosses. diverse arrays of enemies
- Learn basic skills from equipment
- Skills branch off and become greater as you USE THEM
- Creatures have levels just like you do
- Chase down enemies, run from them or sneak past them
- ever changing battles that make you think and adapt
- Replayability (I have gone through the game 25 times with plenty of different parties and still felt it was fresh)
- Challenging yet forgiving gameplay
- mining, processing and forging
- become a vampire (or vampire hunter class)
- become an outlaw hunted by guards that will chase you when they spot you
- potion brewing
- codes / passwords that you collect in the game and then use them when you are done. thus adding to replayability

- Fragmasters
- Treasure Hunters
- Naval Gazers
- Tourists

Yanfly -> Majority of Scripting 50%
KGC -> Majority of Scripting 40%
Modern Algebra -> Tangeant Script
Modern Algebra -> Skill Teaching
Eternal Symphony -> Stat Increase By Job
Dangor -> Advanced Title Screen


Preorder Incentives... and Thanks

Big games have preorders. I am going to have that too. For everyone that has posted a comment or sent a message, I am giving them codes for the next version. Do they have to use the codes? Nope! It is all up to them.

This is also because save games will no longer work. Codes should get previous players up to speed though. Codes are very flexable. Codes will allow you to skip straight to the party picking, because someone asked for that to be added. It is as easy as '1234'

There will be codes for:
- Vampire Dust (to become a vampire hunter or cure vampirism)
- get Joni
- kill Makayla
- teleport to any town (or you can use the witches or teleporters)
- new characters
- change the hero

Everything can be done or found in the game, but these codes will just catapult them further into the game, because they have already played it before. Even though there is infinite replay value, it will make them feel special :-)

There will also be very quirky codes to improve replayability. Not that you need any replayability, there's enough! You find many of the codes in the game later on, to give you incentive to talk to people and play again and again.


Mining, Forging and how its Fun

There is a four step process to forging equipment:

- get a pick axe
- mine for ore
- process the ore
- forge the equipment

So far there are three minerals to mine for. Copper, iron, and steel. Deposites are everywhere, and they replenish themselves after a good amount of time. You need a different level of pick axe to mine for minerals. A copper pick axe can mine for copper, but not iron or steel. A steel pick axe can mine for steel, copper and iron ore.


It becomes a mini game, because you do not just get ore. You find items like potions and pork chops. Yes pork chops, you find them in the wall like Castlevania.


Because all enemies are lively in the game and can chase you, the party will need to mine, and get out of there quickly so you cannot wait around for the deposite to replenish. There is also a risk of breaking the pick axe you are using, but it is only a 1 in 50 chance.

There is another catch too. Mining is work! Anyone ever try to mine something? Its taxing on your body, especially before drills! Depending on what you are mining for, your party will take damage. Such as steel ore, your party will take 20 HP and MP damage. But at that point your party will have 400 HP.


They do, but that's oars! Once you have all the ore you can collect, take it to a forge and they can make 2 ores into 1 processed mineral.


Once you have processed minerals at the forge, you can have the forge make equipment. All the standard equipment that the shops sell, but later on in the third town of Thedona, they can make you better equipment than the shops. The forges can even restore ugly weapons to their former glory, making them more powerful and useful! They can even combine weapons to make a better new weapon, like combining the chain whip and a mace will make the morning star!


For those that do not want to go mining, you can buy processed minerals, but at a higher price of course! Forging your equipment is slightly cheaper depending on what the merchant has it priced at.


I may have mentioned this, but most every shop has their own prices. The elves have a high markup, meaning their prices are more expensive. Thedona's prices are very expensive for weapons, armor and magic that Aereachi sells. Kind of like they want you to go back and get it elsewhere.

Each shop has its own bargain bin, usually potions or inferior equipment that is sold for cheaper than it would normally be. Like the elves sell copper equipment for cheaper than they do in Eraki Village.


Becoming a Vampire and Skill Trees


Skill trees make the game go where you want it to, depending on how you play of course. There is a rusty sword that can be brought back to its former glory. Once it becomes a thunder sword, Barbarians, Heroes and Greys can use it. Why I mention it is because it can use a thunder slash, once you use thunder slash 50 times, you gain a thunder spell. Use the thunder spell 50 times, you earn Thunder All and after another level up or so times it becomes Thunder II.

The Scan skill gets better with time when you use it too. So does heal. Healing branches out into giving the user heal, Heal II, Heal All, Weapon Bless, Cure and so on. The more you use a spell, the more you learn. To learn Heal III, you will have needed to use Heal II a lot of times.

Your character becomes your own. There are heal orbs, staffs and wands that will let you temporarily use the spell until it becomes YOURS. So the Healer, Hero, and Grey can become characters that specialize in healing.

In time, you can turn your average Magician into a Fire Mage, Ice Mage, Dark Mage and so on. A Grey can become a dark magic using healer, or a holy mage with a side of dark magic. You can make a thunder Barbarian or a healing Hero. Why stop there? If you want your Magician to know every elemental magic in the game you can do it. Start with a fire wand, learn the fire spells, go to the terra wand and go through the terra spells.

There are cursed items in the game, equip them and they are stuck on you until you uncurse them. There are certain equipment that give you vampire abilities (or other abilities). With the skill tree for vampires, you get added strength, power, speed, and intelligence. You also gain the vampirism skill. Use it 20 times and you gain the chill ability (ice) and follow that skill tree. Use Vampirism 50 times and you get the Evil skill (dark magic) and follow that skill tree. You will also get status magic like sleep, paralysis and so on.

This would of course lead to an uber character if there was not a catch. You need to keep your vampire alive. You are weak to holy magic, there is a good deal of slip damage and the vampire cannot have any status ailments. No bonuses like ATK up.

There are great bennefits to having a vampire character, but only if you can keep them alive. The churches can make vampirism cures, but it is never easy or cheap. Once the character is cured of vampirism, the skills are kept, except for the vampirism skill that lets you drink blood.

Imagine a healing, thunder crashing Vampire Hero... Or a holy healer that can cure, suck blood, chill and use dark magic. I am having fun with this just playing it!
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