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More photos uploaded

7 more photos of new areas are uploaded. The areas will be available in V2 and they are quite noteable.

I have been having some intense problems with the sub class system making the game crash (YERD's subclass system). I regret taking out my own class system, especially all of the work it took to implament it. Hopefully I can figure out the problem and get back to enjoying the game.


Throwing a party and everything else

There are throw scripts out there. I took YERD's and made it show bows can shoot different kinds of arrows. Wooden arrows, iron arrows, flaming arrows. Then I made it so there are skills as to where to aim. This will cause mute, confusion, sleep, paralysis and other fun status effects.

Having the different arrows makes things more interesting.

Then I made throwing stars, throwing daggers, slingshots, guns, and even the kitchen sink. They are all throwable by certain class types. The kitchen sink is especially memorable.


Lots of fun :-)

60 downloads in two days. I am happy!

The game is coming along rather well. I will wait maybe a month to upload the next version.

I already have a beautiful mountain with a village ontop of it. It looks extremely nice. It stands out. I have a tunnel that leads from the first region to the second region.

Depending on how you dealt with the gold harp, you get bannished bannished from Eraki in the storyline. If you return to Eraki, the guards will chase after you. BUT the guards will need to see you first, when they notice you, then they chase you. It is a surprising amount of fun and I would incorporate the enemies to do it, but then the game would have too many enemy fights.

In the second village (Aereachi), the game gets better and a lot more diverse. Instead of having just a magician, you can then specialize to be a fire mage, ice mage, thunder mage, terra mage, the list goes on and on.

On top of the heap of new weapons, armor and items, in Aereachi, a witch will make you potions, a smith will forge you weapons.

There are cursed items and potions to uncurse them. I am an old school Dragon Quest fan that had cursed items.

Because the second village is an Elven village, they overcharge outsiders. So I also went back and made it so when you complete Creall's delivery, the armory will give you a 10% off discount. I also gave discounted items to each merchant, which makes things very interesting with all of the price differences. You get to shop around now. Including to see who will give you better prices for what you sell.

YERD's system modification script is also being used for the next version so you can change your dialog box color, change the volume and a few other things.

All of this stuff combines to make it a lot of fun. I am actually having a lot of fun playing the game, which is good that I made a game I actually have fun playing.
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