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You are Sparrow. You've just been fired from your job for poor performance and your life is going nowhere, when you are greeted one day by a girl. Not a mysterious girl, just a girl. She needs help and by chance has found you. Knowing that this will lead to much bigger and greater things, you play along and eventually get sucked into the biggest adventure of your life!

Along the way you'll meet plenty of savory characters that are happy to travel the world with you in hopes of being something greater. As a team you will stop a fiendish plot set forth by your new rival: the insane, and evil PAUL. It will be a race against time to save the world from the clutches of evil! Can you and your team of adventurers do it all in time? Play EVERLASTING JOURNEY to find out.

Everlasting Journey @ GameJolt

Latest Blog

Part One Release

Hey all! It's been quite a while, but after being nudged by various folks over the years, I've decided to put out a release of Everlasting Journey. It contains Part One, and the opening chapter of Part Two.

It's certainly had problems, but I would consider what's at least in there now to be "complete" - with the exception of some existing rips I was honestly too tired to replace in my latest pass/playthrough. I'll be adding some guides for it, but here are some immediate things that come to mind:

1. Controller suppport - currently, it's just XInput, so any Xbox controller will work out of the box. Other controllers (PS4, etc) will need to be mapped using some other utility.

2. Achievements / Game Jolt Integration - Make a Game Jolt account & jot down your "Game Token". Hit Shift+Tab in-game, or hit the Guide button on the Xbox controller, sign in with your account name & token, and it should just work from there.

3. Treasure / Pots & Barrels - Treasure chests found are tallied by the end, pots & barrels are not.

I hope y'all can get some enjoyment out of it! It's been tested pretty thoroughly, but let me know if there's any weird bugs.



Will you be releasing an updated demo in the near future?

Yeah. I'm actually waiting for Cherry to release his DynRPG update. It has an important transparency bugfix that I need. When that's out, I'll release the updated demo within a day or two! Unfortunately, it still won't have anything past part 1 though. Part 2 has more of a "when it's done" timetable.
Hello, I just saw this game and wanted to download it ^_^ I extracted it and opened the game but it says


a little help? :3
Try extracting it to a simple filepath like "C:\Ejourney"

I think that's what will fix that, but I don't remember.

Edit: Maybe not. Try a restart?
Played your game and love it good mapping nice flow cheer's.
Can I suggest a few things, Pepsi?
I am not quite finished yet. But I am heading to the Insanity place now. I thought I might put this down before I forget.

1. Floo is an wind element. It is strange that he is not resistant to wind magic at all (feeling from fighting with the Elites). Same goes with Sueto vs fire magic. I think this is one level of complexity worth invested in. Athesis, should be more susceptible to thunder than others. Sueto should be more susceptible to ice...etc.
2. Athesis's INT didn't seem to be propotional to the power of her healing and water magic. At the same level, Sparrow heals just as well with cure even if his INT is only half. Nor is he less resistant to magic than Athesis. At least not very obvious.
3. High level skill cost is a little too high. Athesis has the highest MP levels. But she runs out of it so quickly at 4 or 8 MP a hit. So I still have her hit mostly to save MP. As for others, they don't use high level magic they have at all. They simply just can't afford it. Keep loading ether during major battles is going to become a full-time job for one person.
4. Athesis's staffs have status effects, which is cool. But they never seem to work.
5. How about more girls? Athesis is cool. But she is getting boring. All we know is that she runs around hiding from Paul and nothing else.
6. There aren't side quests, are there? Or have I missed everything? Not that I mind, as long as there is enough to do. Some commercial games are filled with meaningless side quests to lengthen the game. IMO, if it does not help leveling up or getting awesome rewards, it is pointless.

Overall, it is really a great game. The plots are not especially extraordinary. But somehow it keeps me going (I too often stopped in the middle of a game because it got too boring running around killing monsters mindlessly or I got sick of the plots). I guess I like how it feels. Easy atmosphere, Fast paced, and fun. The conversations are fun, without trying too hard. Guess I am about to be done soon. Looking forward to part 2. Hopefully a part 3, too, as it is supposed to be an EVERLASTING journey.
You're probably about halfway through part 1. It's about 8-10 hours long.

1. He does in my current version, but I can't remember if I did that for the old one. It's not a complete resistance though. My setup is a little weird because I have two sets of attributes: one for hero skills to monsters, and one for monster skills to heroes. In the latter, all skills do 150% (B) damage, and if a hero has resistance (Sparrow-lightning, Floo-wind, etc), the attrribute will be 100% (C). The D attribute is 0%, while E is -100% (which would heal). I don't want spells to do 0 damage on a hero, so that's why I do this. I may tweak it some more though. Everything is subject to change!

2. Hmmm, that's an interesting point. I've never thought about using INT that way. I'll see what I can do.

3. In the next release, there will be more ways to get items (like Eths), and I may need to revisit skill costs and stat balancing. I've done a lot of battle tweaking again.

4. I'll have to see what the Inflict % is on the staffs. They might be too low.

5. There are 2 girls in part 1, and 2 more in part 2 (unreleased).

6. Yes. Sidequests open up after Prita (Ice continent). Mild spoilers:

Simply talk to the other party members in the airship. They'll bring up new places to go. Use the map in the cockpit to figure out where the quests are.

Thanks for the kind words! That feel is exactly what I was aiming for, and it will continue in part 2. My approach has been write, playtest, rewrite, playtest, rewrite, playtest, rewrite... until the scene feels right (and doesn't make me cringe). Unfortunately it takes me a while to get them right, and with so much emphasis on writing, I overlook a lot of battle-related things (like the stuff you mentioned).

There's a lot of big changes coming though! I doubt there's going to be a DynRPG update any time soon, so I'm trying to workaround the bugs of the current version. There's a transparency issue that I was able to workaround. I'm also trying to fix the reflect bug via DynRPG plugin, but I've been mostly unsuccessful so far. I might flat-out remove that condition or change it around to absorb or something.
Thanks for the prompt response, PepsiOtaku,
I think your work on the writing was paid off, though. Games are like gems. They'll shine with polish. I kind of like it when 4 guys (including Floo) had a camp fire talk. Sure it slow down the game some. But it gives the game more lay back and personal feel that makes the game unique, as a trade-off. It was also plausible that you inserted actions in between stories, which smartly avoided the lengthy conversation problem that is so often criticized when other games tried to introduce background stories that are essential to the plot, yet way too long. It is also smart to have split teams when you have more and more characters. Somehow small teams always feel more intimate. The chemistry is different, too. IMO, it is the best time to flesh out your characters with some small talks and easy conversations.

OK. A few small things for you to consider:
1. As Athesis just popped up out of the blue, I guess she HIRED Sparrow as a body guard? ---- She didn't even pay him. Why would he follow her?
2. Are we able to pass the southern wind in episode 1? I kept trying at different spots and I couldn't find a break to do so.
3. The gnome chef has reflector on. The game crashed every time I tried to throw normalizer at him. I wonder if that is a bug. Of course it is not a problem. I took him down by brute force, which is always the solution when there are no other solutions. PS. Just found out game crashes if I throw normalizer at Paul, too.
4. Sueto's ATK looks fine. But somehow his damage is always mush lower. Is it because his weapons are weaker? He is really quite useless in a fight other than the snowy ground.
5. The "steal" skill usually belongs to thieves because they are very quick. Although our Mr. Pirate is also a shady figure, 2 things I find that make him an odd choice. First, naturally, he is too slow. If the enemies are easy to kill, he may not have chances to steal before they die off. If the enemies are too tough, he would be sorely needed for the battle since he is the strongest hitter (which is the second point). It often times was just not worth it to sacrifice his turns to steal (he has fewer turns than others too, on top of it all). I find that he seemed to be unsuccessful in stealing from spirits. Does his SPEED (or relative speed to the enemies) have anything to do with the success rate of stealing? Or is it completely random?

Just something to think about. You work hard to make the game perfect. The least that we can do is to give you some feedback and hope it'll help.

PS. Finished. It was hilarious when they found Athesis. Not surprised though. Because she obviously was used to using her looks to get what she wanted with men. Guess that was how she got involved with Paul in the first place. (This was never explained, by the way) I hope she'll end up with Paul. (yes, Paul)
Hello there!!! I am new to the site so pardon me the poor writing...I just wanted to say GOOD JOB! I loved your game and laughed my heart out, the characters are awesome, each one of them is unique so it never gets boring and i liked very much that they can't all use the same skills cause it kinda forces you to change the party memebers.
Another thing i loved was the blackjack game at the begining, he is very usefull is you are low on cash (another major problem in most games,bu not yours thankfully)
I liked pretty much everything! I only had had two things i didnt like so much...First is the save points....There are not enough at the begining.There should be one in every major city at least so the player can save easyly.At some point i had to take my ship back to another city to save so i can close the game, so if we are not gonna have the airship on part II please put some more save points around the map!

The other one was the prices from the bosses, They could drop some more money or a unique armor or weapon beside the phoenix-up, which is usefull if you need to fully restore someone quickly but since the fights are not that hard with the right combination of party members you are not gonna use it except maybe in some really important fights like the last one. (personally i didnt need it)

I have some suggestions.
Since one of the party memebers already has scan skill it would be usefull to be able to see during fights which strengths and weaknesses every enemy has after the scan or maybe a notebook or something to be able to look it up so you know which elements or party memebers to use.
And it would also be nice if there were some kind of prices if you find all the monstr types or if you kill too many or something like that, it makes the random fights less boring cause they have a purpose.

The other thing is the tent which you can use only on save points to restore your party so i think it would be better if you can use a tent anywhere if there are not many save points without the save option,like a mobile inn.

I also noticed something on the map mostly when you go from one town to another the random fights are too random....there were times when there was three fights in three steps and times when there was none. It would be helpfull to make it happen every 20 steps for example so you know you can be prepared
I also have the same question about the southern part...can we go on part one or not?
Also north east on the map there is an island with a name when i got there there was a volcano but no entrance or anything else did i miss something or there will be something in the next part?

I think that is all it was quite long sorry about that :)
Looking forward for the next part!
Just wanted to give you a big thumbs up for this game and it's progression! Everything is looking good and part one is pretty awesome. Really innovative stuff that works and pretty creative I must say! Keep at it and I can't wait for the full release! :D

(+10 for basically the whole gnome village lol, loved it. Did you sprite that bong too? Lol :p)
Your Mode 7 map on RMN TV is very impressive!
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
I should grab this again i guess
New demo soon-ish, hopefully within the next few weeks... so you might want to just wait for that. It will have all the DynRPG stuff, new logo, map revisions etc.

@VampirePrincess: Just noticed your post, so I'll write up a bigger response at some point today when I get some time.
Infantry for life!
@VampirePrincess. Did you ever save on the world map? You can save and use tents on the world map. I want to keep tents to the world map and save points because there there is that challenge of getting to one. Letting you use a tent anywhere would be too easy. It would defeat the purpose of potions/eths. It's basically the Final Fantasy model right now, and I don't plan on changing that. There's also a save point in the airship if you go to the left of the jukebox in the main area. You can also save on the world map while your in the airship... if you can't do that, there might be a bug, but that would be moot at this point because the save system will have huge changes in the next version.

I can revisit some of the boss drops. You're probably right. I might have made a change or two to that since the last demo anyway.

Making a journal of enemies would be really cool, but it's another system I'd have to write and maintain. Since the last version, I have added: A "System" menu, a new save system, an enter name system, implemented the party switch menu into the esc menu, mode-7 & mode-7 vehicle controls, randomized items/money in barrels (it's balanced), xbox 360 controller support along with force feedback (muahaha), and numerous other DynRPG plugin implementations. I'm kind of old-school, so I'd almost prefer writing a strategy guide at some point after the game is done that has all of the enemy stats. It's cool to know them all, but you pick up strengths/weaknesses pretty quick, so I'm not too concerned with it. Need to see an enemy's stats again? Use the scan command again.

About the encounters on the world map: Again, not too concerned with it because I'd have to write another system to balance the encounter rate depending on which area you're in. Random battles are a roll of the dice. You have the option to run from battles, and unless it's a new area and you're under-leveled, you shouldn't have a problem with that.

The southern part is reserved for part 2. :)
It's mostly a giant continent split up by a huge mountain range called the "Dragon's Spine." It's going to have one city, at least one more additional town, and several dungeons. It's going to be kind of a big fetch quest with some new villains, a couple surprises, and 3 more party members who will be integrated into the story, but completely optional this time around.

Also north east on the map there is an island with a name when i got there there was a volcano but no entrance or anything else did i miss something or there will be something in the next part?

I assume you mean south east? That's Czem. I haven't done anything with it yet, but there's a tileset I've been toying with in secret...

I was thinking of making it a sidequest for Val in part 1, but I think I'm just going to save it for part 2. The idea behind locations on the world map is that aside for key towns and things, they won't be visible unless you find out about them. Hence why the sidequests are only accessible until you've talked to a crew/party member about it on the airship to activate them.

Ugh, I need to work on less systems and get this thing finished.

@KoopaKush: Lol, yes it was sprited. I made some hookahs too (yet to be seen!)
I'd be glad to Beta Test it for you. The game sounds interesting and I still love playing RPG Maker 2003 games now and again.
Id like to also throw my cap into the ring to help bug hunt.
Subscribed can't wait for a full release whenever that is
I love your plugin PepsiOtaku.
Can't wait this will be released, I hope C++ can be use for steam GreenLight too because retro game is a good sight for steam.
Did your game page get snazzier? I love it!
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
Holy shit
this is the best CSS
dear lord

Oh and the game looks fun too
but the CSS
how can you beat it