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The deck of your airship
  • PepsiOtaku
  • Added: 08/01/2010 09:50 PM
  • Last updated: 02/27/2024 04:24 AM


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Dude, FUCKING ACE. It's actually a good use of that pan.
I am getting a Crossbone vibe. Except in the air.

Thanks! I've been wanting to use that panorama for a while, and with the curved, exaggerated perspective, it ended up being perfect for an airship! I kind of want to make some edits that show off different terrains when the airship is over specific terrain types.
yeah this looks great! it's nice to see a modern looking ship for once

edit: oops i thought this was a boat ship because i can't read...it still looks great though.
Did you make that chipset? If not, can you send me a link to it, I'd like to mod it for a sci-fi game I'm working on.
Cause I like it, love it, yes I do
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that looks amazing,think it reminds me of some scenes from ff3 which was a great game just 1 thing i did not like about it :(
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