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I made a thing! (Found a way to organize/explain the magic of EJ)
  • PepsiOtaku
  • Added: 11/20/2012 11:15 PM
  • Last updated: 03/04/2024 07:56 AM


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Simple but effective. Good job.
I also like the lighting effect around it. Nice touch
Thanks! I had a couple star patterns sketched out too, but a) they were cliche and b) they didn't quite work since I had to visualize that holy & gravity were rare forms of magic, so I went with a color wheel idea. One of the sketches was a 5-point star with some kind of extension, so each elemental type had a matching pair:

Water > Ice, Shadow > Gravity, Fire > Lightning, Cure > Holy, Air > Earth

The only one that didn't make sense was Air > Earth, which are considered opposing spells in the game so that idea was scrapped. I also considered adding in 2 more spell types (sand & crystal) with a 6 point star but that was quickly scrapped too. I still may use crystal as a true non-elemental (center icon) magic type. With sand, I think there's just the "Sand Grip" and "Sandstorm" spells, so I justify those in that they use both earth & air qualities. I'm planning on throwing in some mixed spells like that anyway that either characters can learn from skill books, or are only used by enemies.
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