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Aside from a couple minor bugs, it's done!
  • PepsiOtaku
  • Added: 02/05/2013 04:39 AM
  • Last updated: 04/15/2024 05:58 AM


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Some info:

This was coded using DynRPG, BetterAEP+Save/Load patch, the DynText plugin and a couple custom plugins of mine. I created a simple plugin that deletes saves, and a really complex one that writes a range of variables to a binary file, and references them according to the Save # their associated to. So it's like a little database that allows for the querying of save information like the game's location, multiple party members, gold, save count, etc. Anything you want to reference really.

Visually, it's based loosely on Yanfly's Save menu script. It supports 99 saves, and the file list is color-coded based on if you have Load, Save, or Delete selected. If Load or Delete is selected, only the saves that exist are selectable. In Delete mode, saves are highlighted in red as kind of a warning if you accidentally highlight it. In Save mode, existing saves remain blue, while new save files get highlighted in green, and become selectable.

There's a ton of weird little scenarios I have coded like if you open the menu from the title screen, from a save point, from the world map, or from any other location. I would say at this point it's 95% done and bug free. There's a couple tweaks left to make.

Locations themselves change according to which map you save from (naturally), but the Location text & picture have to be coded to support it first.

I'll have a video later in the week!

Long-winded technical explaination here (not for noobs): http://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/10254/?post=439144#post439144
I would space over the word "Gold:" by one space so it lines up with Saves, and then right-align the actual number of saves to line up with the amount of Gold. It'd look a little better that way, if you ask me.
I didn't see anything working on the save file. It looked identical to normal saving to me.

I can't see the code, so I dunno how to change this.
I haven't uploaded the download yet... this is stuff I'm working on for a future release.
How did you do that? I have no idea how to do that with RPG Maker 2003. Is this with RPG Maker 2009 or the Dyn thingy?
There's a little bit of history to it:
When DynRPG came out initially, it was half done in DynRPG, and half done in event scripts/pictures. Eventually, as I got more experience working with DynRPG, I moved the whole thing to a custom scene (original menu is a scene, battle is a scene, map is a scene, etc) and did everything in single DynRPG plugin.
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