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World of Boxes: "Refreshing, but not for the impatient or computer illiterate"

Barefists has recently reviewed our world, and seems to have had a good time! Read his thoughts on our world, and then consider visiting yourself. He rated the game 3/5, which puts the average rating at 3.25/5. Not shabby!


World of Boxes: "That hotel that's really nice but is always so booked up you can never get to stay for very long"

A kind community member, WeasleX, has posted a review of the World of Boxes. It was generally positive, but he felt his stay was too short... and was generally scared of the chance of every bone in his body freezing up, never allowing him to move again. People can be so strange.



Here in the World of Boxes, we pride ourselves for doing the experiments no-one else even thinks of. We were the first, for instance, to discover exactly how sharp leaves are(fairly, by the way!), the originators of the fine art of making doors that go to completely illogical places, and the first to iron out the bugs in two-dimensional life forms(flaws such as the digestive system making organisms fall apart into two parts). We are pioneers.

So it was no surprise to us when we stumbled upon the discovery that nobody had yet tried getting the director of our world, sticking him in a house, sending away his family and sticking a box of Lego he had not seen for many years in front of him for a few hours. We of course immediately conducted this experiment.


Materials- Legoes, director, house, no family, time

Aim- To find out the reaction of a world-crafter when isolated and introduced to potentially creative materials not seen by said person for a period of time.


Find a director.

2. Send family away to an event. Make sure this event is of no interest to the director. (We suggest something involving ear-wax.)

3. Introduce Lego. Make sure there is a high concentration of red Lego.


5. Profit!


See for yourself!

That's right. The director took the Lego and constructed a model of Lord Princeton Brickbrack the Third, King of Boxlinton(Who you may call "my lord") out of them.

For a full gallery, look here!

We are truly perplexed by these results. We can only guess that the director has been sent insane by our world.

We'd just like to note that while Boxes and Legoes have many common features, we are in no way related. It's a common mistake.


On a side note, we're lonely here! We've gotten no feedback from this particular host, which frightens and disturbs us. Please, leave feedback! A review would be especially nice - we want to be able to say that we're "That 5 star resort" or "that 1 star dump down the road that's nice and cheap". If you review our service, we will review one of your worlds. It's an offer that can't be refused!

We'll leave you with something to ponder- Exactly how hilarious would it be if Lord Princeton Brickbrack the Third, King of Boxlinton and Bull were to meet?


A new wallpaper!

After the director shared around this wallpaper he's been decorating his house with with his friends, he's found it to be a hit! He gave us rolls and rolls of it, but our world doesn't have walls, so we find it useless. So it's up for grabs! You may recognize the image.




Bug is a highly dangerous runaway, infesting areas and making them explorable. Long story short, you don't want to meet him.

Known infestations-

*The hint boxes. This infestation is very minor, so far Bug has only managed to change the names on the boxes. They are all titled "Level 1", please ignore this, they give the right hints! Bug opposes the economy, and will stop at nothing to halt cash flow.

*The locked door in room 2. Don't try and go out of this door the same way twice, or you won't transfer outwards! He hates people that burn time repeating themselves, so he plagues them. Never be redundant or your being redundant may cause redundancy which you should never do as you will risk making unnecessary statements. NOTE - we are actually unsure which exits this effects. If you need to exit to restart the level, go through the open door please!

*The switch in room 3. If you block with the wrong item, the world will stop functioning. This is his most devastating attack, brought on by the designers over-focusing on some aspects of this element of the world. Please note that presenting the right item, or no item at all will not envoke an encounter.

Please be watching!
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