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Bug is a higly dangerous runaway, infesting areas and making them unexplorable. Long story short, you don't want to meet him.

Known infestations-

*The hint boxes. This infestation is very minor, so far Bug has only managed to change the names on the boxes. They are all titled "Level 1", please ignore this, they give the right hints! Bug opposes the economy, and will stop at nothing to halt cash flow.

*The locked door in room 2. Don't try and go out of this door the same way twice, or you won't transfer outwards! He hates people that burn time repeating themselves, so he plagues them. Never be redundant or your being redundant may cause redundancy which you should never do as you will risk making unneccessary statements.

*The switch in room 3. If you block with the wrong item, the world will stop functioning. This is his most devastating attack, brought on by the designers over-focusing on some aspects of this element of the world. Please note that presenting the right item, or no item at all will not envoke an encounter.

Please be watching!