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Super RMN Bros. is a community event where everybody tries to make 2D Mario platformer levels and they all get put into one game: Super RMN Bros! The tool used for this is Super Mario Bros. X v1.2 Beta4 (SMBX), a PC Engine made to emulate the Mario games made on the NES and SNES. This event is to let everybody try out this new tool and see what we can make in two weeks in a genre everybody has played! Whip out those old Mario level drawing you made when you were eight! Live the dream of making your own Mario game! Show that RMNers can do more than just make RPGS!

What You Need to Play Super RMN Bros
SMBX doesn't distribute standalone games: You'll need the full package to play Super RMN Bros. Download Super Mario Bros. X v1.2.1, available at the bottom of the OP in the link. Extract it into your favorite games folder, download Super RMN Bros. and put it in its own folder in the 'worlds' folder in SMBX. Start SMBX and select Super RMN Bros and start playing!

All The Levels
Check the gameprofile navigation!

Latest Blog

Super RMN Bros REMIX

Shortstar took it upon himself to take several levels from RMN Bros and add his own touch to them. Some are adding segments in the middle or end of a level, expanding it, or reworking it from the ground up with the goal of improving the level. Not all levels were changed, but I updated the hub world so remixed levels are marked with a REMIX and a ??/5 difficulty but I didn't change their location. You can snag it under the downloads tab or from this link. For more SMBX fun you can check out Shortstar's own SMBX games here on RMN!

Here's the list of levels changed for the curious in alphabetical order:

A Very Regal Mario
Ankle Biter Forest
Giga Underground Way
Lava Locks
Lava Underground
Lazy Lake
Mediocre Central
Snowy Plain
Trap Jumps
Underground Run
Ylo Bro!


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The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
It was "The Seven Something" that I was thinking about. :P
Fairly easy levels. The game's very generous with extra lives. Didnt have big trouble with any level in particular (except a certain annoying level filled with bullet bills). One major reason is that there are powerups easily accessible in the hub area, for instance there is an easy leaf u can get right next to world 8. This resulted in me flying over a number of the levels, which kinda sux because i didnt get to see some levels at all. Oh well.
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