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Super RMN Bros. is a community event where everybody tries to make 2D Mario platformer levels and they all get put into one game: Super RMN Bros! The tool used for this is Super Mario Bros. X v1.2 Beta4 (SMBX), a PC Engine made to emulate the Mario games made on the NES and SNES. This event is to let everybody try out this new tool and see what we can make in two weeks in a genre everybody has played! Whip out those old Mario level drawing you made when you were eight! Live the dream of making your own Mario game! Show that RMNers can do more than just make RPGS!

What You Need to Play Super RMN Bros
SMBX doesn't distribute standalone games: You'll need the full package to play Super RMN Bros. Download Super Mario Bros. X v1.2.1, available at the bottom of the OP in the link. Extract it into your favorite games folder, download Super RMN Bros. and put it in its own folder in the 'worlds' folder in SMBX. Start SMBX and select Super RMN Bros and start playing!

All The Levels
Check the gameprofile navigation!

Latest Blog

Super RMN Bros REMIX

Shortstar took it upon himself to take several levels from RMN Bros and add his own touch to them. Some are adding segments in the middle or end of a level, expanding it, or reworking it from the ground up with the goal of improving the level. Not all levels were changed, but I updated the hub world so remixed levels are marked with a REMIX and a ??/5 difficulty but I didn't change their location. You can snag it under the downloads tab or from this link. For more SMBX fun you can check out Shortstar's own SMBX games here on RMN!

Here's the list of levels changed for the curious in alphabetical order:

A Very Regal Mario
Ankle Biter Forest
Giga Underground Way
Lava Locks
Lava Underground
Lazy Lake
Mediocre Central
Snowy Plain
Trap Jumps
Underground Run
Ylo Bro!


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Fairly easy levels. The game's very generous with extra lives. Didnt have big trouble with any level in particular (except a certain annoying level filled with bullet bills). One major reason is that there are powerups easily accessible in the hub area, for instance there is an easy leaf u can get right next to world 8. This resulted in me flying over a number of the levels, which kinda sux because i didnt get to see some levels at all. Oh well.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
It was "The Seven Something" that I was thinking about. :P
Guardian Gorgon of the Description Thread
i wonder if anyone made a turn based mario battle game?
if anyone knows of one on the rpg maker or even a custom engine pm me plz :3

Super Mario RPG - The Seven Sages was a featured game, at some point. Might wanna check it out.

Though, the SNES game Super Mario RPG - Legend of the Seven Stars might be what Ratty was thinking about?
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
i wonder if anyone made a turn based mario battle game?
if anyone knows of one on the rpg maker or even a custom engine pm me plz :3

I think it was Legend of the Seven Stars or something...
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
i wonder if anyone made a turn based mario battle game?
if anyone knows of one on the rpg maker or even a custom engine pm me plz :3
Guardian Gorgon of the Description Thread
@Pokehero14: The description says that you need SMBX version 1.2 Beta 4 installed on your computer. I'm mostly sure this works with any version beyond that, but I don't really know as it's been a while since I've messed with anything in SMBX.
Do I need something extra installed like with RPG Maker XP games or can I just install the game by itself?
31 levels completed: Areas 1-6

Uploading a playthrough of areas 1-6 with 31 stars collected before I couldn't find area 7. It might take 12 hours to get onto Youtube.
Booyah, most levels contributed!

Yah, except Brick hates them all.
What!? SUPER RMN BROS.?! Why I am just finding out about this now . . .

facepalm to self*
Can I play the game with the newest version of SMBX. I am tired of judging it by Brickroads LP.
At the risk of tainting this topic... if not totally necroposting.... I have remix album #3.

a very regal mario / split
- Too much to be contained in one level, I split it into parts A and B.

snowy plain
- Much much longer now with an old school Mario 1 vibe. Complete with 2 1UP challenges.

lava locks
- SMB3 style fortress with rising and falling lava. Complete with a boss battle at the end.

trap jumps
- Turned into a cast.e with plenty of jumps and crushing rocks. First you go down, then up. It makes for some tense moments.

ylo bro!
- Split into two sections, each with its own star. The first section is a flooded underground area. The other section is an upward sky jump level. Combining the 2 sections just made the level too long, plus there are 2 sections between those!

lava underground
- Great level to start with, but very short. So I added a new underground run after it. Complete with lava and moving platforms.
I remixed 5 more levels and tweaked the other 6 to make them easier. All of these remixes are VERY healthy in length and possible to beat. I've beaten each several times. Here's the tracklist:

- This is now extended pretty long. The icy level is extended, Then the second half of the level has a slightly chaotic cloud chase through enemies while you're armed with fireballs and a hammer brother.

- The lake is deeper now. Much deeper, you need to find the key to enter the house. Then at the end, the hammer brother boss fight is complexified with bombs.

- Pipes. That's the feel I got from this, pipes. So I amped up the pipes in a colorful Mario 3 world 7 fashion. There's also a fun section inside a wooden house with a hammer bros vs the little white plants. Complete with a unique boss battle at the end with the hanging pirana plant garden.

- Everyone seemed to have their own clever version of Mario 3 world 1-1. So I retrofitted this level to be more Mario 1 or Lost Levels Mario. The underground stands out with more pink pipes.

- Old school Mario World 1-2 only extended a lot. You get Yoshi. A small enemy squash at the end.

All 11 remixes are in my download:

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans out there :-) My cousins and I will be playing Super Mario X tomorrow.
Hooray for including one of my levels! I'll be sure to play it, as well as the others, of course.

Your particular level turns into a marathon, just because you had 4 sections. Each section has a theme. I could actually split it into 4 levels.
Hooray for including one all of my levels! I'll be sure to play it them, as well as the others, of course.
I was bored today and buzzing on Super Mario X 1.3 today, so I decided to remix 6 levels... so far. Each level is MUCH bigger, but still includes the original level. To "remix," I took the objects and themes from the original level and expanded it. Certain things are tweaked, such as a super easy level that has 3 powerups in a row is very silly.

- Cliffside
- Underground Run
- Kentonia
- 1-1
- Giga Underground
- Pampers

Here is the download:

Thanksgiving edit:
I have more info on each of the remixes.

- A large marathon of everything the game has to offer. The original theme was 4 segments each with a different mario game and that's what this remix offers, only a lot more.

- This was a gauntlet that went up a cliff and this remix is no different. First you go deep into the ground and make your climb while dodging shells, bullets and bombs. There's plenty of power ups to keep you alive.

- Its not just underground anymore. This multi faceted level has some underground swimming and shell dodging top side. Pick your poison.

- The original level was kept in tact. Only now there's a switch block where the star used to be and with minor backtracking, you'll find a goomba paradise that you can see from the sky.

- The first part remains untouched. I can beat it without dying on my first try. The second part got remixed, a giant colorful pipe maze cave.

- The gauntlet remains almost unchanged, but now there is some platforming, swimming and more platforming in between it. The boss battle was majorly tweaked to prevent you from getting 15UPs.
Tomorrow is the last video of the LP. Hope you guys enjoyed it! Sorry if I got mad at your level and called you a fag or whatever. =(

Also: Solitayre won RMN Bros., hands down. Someone give that man a trophy.
Resident Terrapin
Making a hammer bro a boomerang bro does not change its AI. That's the problem I'm talking about.
You guys do know you can replace sprites, right?
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