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Super RMN Bros REMIX

Shortstar took it upon himself to take several levels from RMN Bros and add his own touch to them. Some are adding segments in the middle or end of a level, expanding it, or reworking it from the ground up with the goal of improving the level. Not all levels were changed, but I updated the hub world so remixed levels are marked with a REMIX and a ??/5 difficulty but I didn't change their location. You can snag it under the downloads tab or from this link. For more SMBX fun you can check out Shortstar's own SMBX games here on RMN!

Here's the list of levels changed for the curious in alphabetical order:

A Very Regal Mario
Ankle Biter Forest
Giga Underground Way
Lava Locks
Lava Underground
Lazy Lake
Mediocre Central
Snowy Plain
Trap Jumps
Underground Run
Ylo Bro!


Brickroad Let's Play Super RMN Bros!

Brickroad has started his Let's Play of Super RMN Bros! You can subscribe to his Youtube account to get notified when he posts the latest videos. I'll also be keeping track of the Let's Play here and the levels completed.

Let's Play RMN Bros Youtube Playlist
Part 1: Pampers (Part 1)
Part 2: Pampers (Part 2), Cliffside, Lazy Lake (Part 1)
Part 3: Lazy Lake (Part 2), Kentaro Desert
Part 4: BobOmb Battlefield (Part 1)
Part 5: BobOmb Battlefield (Part 2)
Part 6: BobOmb Battlefield (Part 3)
Part 7: Pipe Dreams (Part 1)
Part 8: Pipe Dreams (Part 2), Road to the Fortress (Part 1)
Part 9: Road to the Fortress (Part 2), Skyjinx (Part 1)
Part 10: Skyjinx (Part 2), Jungle Fever
Part 11: Ankle Biter Forest, Kentonia, Giga Underground Way, Underground Run
Part 12: Mediocre Central, Ylo Bros! (Part 1)
Part 13: Ylo Bros! (Part 2), Wild Climb, Lava Underground (Part 1)
Part 14: Lava Underground (Part 2), Max McGee's Wild Ride, Snowy Plains, Grasslands, Lava Locks, Fairbreeze Lake (Part 1)
Part 15: Fairbreeze Lake (Part 2)
Part 16: Fairbreeze Lake (Part 3), A Very Regal Mario, Trap Jumps
Part 17: Gazelle Step, Kentonee Floodplains (Part 1)
Part 18: Kentonee Floodplains (Part 2)
Part 19: Kentonee Floodplains (Part 3), Cavern Calamity (Part 1)
Part 20: Cavern Calamity (Part 2)
Part 21: High Up
Part 22: Precarious Platforms, BobOmb Battlefield (Part 4)
Part 23: BobOmb Battlefield (Part 5)
Part 24: BobOmb Battlefield (Part

Part 25: RMN Trip (Part 1)
Part 26: RMN Trip (Part 2), 1-1 (Part 1)
Part 27: 1-1 (Part 2)
Part 28: Double Bowser Takedown
Part 29: The Castle Aaaaaaaaagh (Part 1)
Part 30: The Castle Aaaaaaaaagh (Part 2)
Part 31: The Castle Aaaaaaaaagh (Part 3)
Part 32: Bowser Road (Part 1)
Part 33: Bowser Road (Part 2)
Part 34: Bowser Road (Part 3), Dark Kingdom (Part 1)
Part 35: Dark Kingdom (Part 2), Break Bowser's Blockade
Part 36: Kentsnowna, Blasting Zone
Part 37: Piranha Plant Mountain, Piranha Palace

Here's the first part for direct watching:
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