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The sequel is slightly better. Slightly.

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A review by Ben_Random

Today I will be reviewing a Mario fan-game made with the Super Mario Brothers X development engine.
The review is split up into sections, Story, Gameplay, Graphics, Audio, and the Overall Rating.
Each section is rated with a THUMBS UP, THUMBS TO THE SIDE, or THUMBS DOWN. The game is also rated by the RMN 5 star system.
So without further ado, let's begin the review.

Well, we know that Bowser has captured Princess Peach. But other than that, there is no story at all to this game. For the platforming genre, the expectations are automatically lowered for story, but this game doesn't even make sense!

The game starts you off in Mario's house. If you exit the house there are two pipes, one you can only enter after beating all the levels (guess I'll never know what's in there), and the second leads to the hub. (The Ultimate Warp Zone).
The only story to this game is that Mario must collect all the stars in the Ultimate Warp Zone, and then he... wins?
I know I am being harsh on the story of this game, and a lot of mainstream plat-formers get away without a real plot, but I'm still going to give this game's story a thumbs down because, frankly, I've seen better stories in Mario platformers.

This games story is confusing and unclear.

This game's story get's a:

Wow. I hate the gameplay.

To my knowledge, there are 40 levels, each level containing a star, and each level placed in a world according to its difficulty and theme. And there are also 4 levels randomly scattered around the hub world. At least this was the goal.
I found many levels that were judged incorrectly when it came to difficulty, and I also found a desert level in the water world!

This games hub world is insane. I died more in the ultimate warp zone more than in the games levels! But trust me, that doesn't mean that I didn't die a lot in the levels. Each level in it self had good qualities, true, some were crappy as hell, but they all had good ideas. The problem I have is the way the game was put together. Some levels were 1 screen long, and some were 30. To solve this inconsistency, GRS could have asked for the levels to be a certain length. I know this wouldn't fix every instance of a level being to long of to short, but it would help. I also noticed many other inconsistencies. These were not within the levels themselves, but when all the levels were put together, the black magic began. In some levels, waterfalls were swimmable. In others, they weren't. This is just one example of what made me dislike this game.

I know right now you are reading this and saying, "Ben_Random is a B****! In a community game, there is no way to stop every single inconsistency."
This is true, but that doesn't mean you can't stop most of them. If you look at a game called Super Talking Time Bros., you can understand what I mean when I say that this game could have been put together better. In Super Talking Time Bros, a strict set of rules were put out, and this made the gameplay much more consistent from level to level.

This game plays inconsistently.

This game's gameplay get's a:

The graphics in this game clashed.

This game's graphics contains the defaults of Super Mario Bros. X. (Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3, & World), as well as some customs that aren't to shabby. Though, from level to level, this game's graphics clash. However, this being a community game, I can't really expect much graphical consistency.

This game's graphics get's a:

The audio for this game was nothing special, just a few customs and default tracks from Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. 1,2, and 3.

This games audio get's a:


This game is annoying and at times unfair.

I recommend this game to fans of "Super Desmo Bros." (A game here on RMN)

Play the sequel. The sequel is slightly better. Slightly.


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Let me spiff this one up a bit. I'll try to add more detail instead of "to short, to long, to hard, to easy"
I've made some changes. I know it is still a one star review, but I've added some more detail. If you want more, just ask.
I'm a dog pirate
The SRB hatred bandwagon continues!
Yep its easy to hate something and SRB 1 was very hateable :-)
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